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Interview With Talented Female Rapper Yong Kaii

Young Kaii is one of those rare artists that effortlessly brings raw emotions using just her talent and her powerful lyrics. Her music is a innovative combination of different genres that breaks musical boundaries.

This out female rapper challenges the conventional rules of the music industry as she continues to pursuit a career based on her own terms. She has managed to created a loyal and supportive fan base that follow her journey to success.

Young Kaii is currently working on her new EP release, which is expected to drop later this year. In this Queer Me Up exclusive interview she answers a few questions about her ambitions, her music and how she feels about being a role model for the LGBT community.

What was it like to grow up in Providence, Rhode Island?

Back when I was like ten years old the city wasn’t as populated as it is now, it was more quiet. My mother always tried to keep me sheltered from “the real world”. I lived in a three story house, had a best friend who lived on the first floor and I lived on the third. I remember always wanting a sister because I was the only girl, I have two older brothers who were not ever really around because my parents divorced when I was one years old and they lived with my father.

Where did you get the emcee name Young Kaii? What’s the story behind your name?

The name Young Kaii came about when I decided to make a complete change. K-STAR is the person that wanted to go mainstream and always tried her best to make others happy. K-STAR was also surrounded by people that thought they knew what was best for K-STAR and K-STAR’s image. When the cameras were on I was K-STAR, when the cameras were off I was Kaii , the tom boy, very mellow, going through experiences that I never thought I would express on a track. All of my close friends call me K, Star or Kaii so changing my name to Young Kaii is my way of sharing the more personal side of me.

Coming up as a rapper, who did you look up to? Was there any particular artist that inspired you when you were starting out?

Growing up in a place like Providence there not a lot of exposure to the rap. I first received a taste once I started venturing outside of RI and exposing myself to different sounds. Artists that have inspired would be Mase, Notorious BIG, Missy Elliott and Tupac plus an array of others.

So if you were going to describe your music to someone, what would you say?

To describe my music I would have to say its divers and unpredictable. My music is a mix of different sounds from pop to hip-hop even a little heavy metal and R&B.

What inspires the lyrics in your music?

I’m a artist that simply loves to create. I just love the feeling I get right after coming up with a hot punchline. Another thing that inspires me is the people that relate to my music. I like to show people that their not alone.

Have you been getting a lot of good feedback about the tracks you?ve put out so far?

I have and I’m very happy to be able to entertain others with what I love to do.

What do you consider to be the biggest professional lesson that you learned so far?

The biggest lesson I would say is being selective about who you work with. As an artist I want to create music with other musicians who complement me as entertainer and I do the same for them. Knowing who you are as an artist and the value of your music are key fundamentals.

Any artists you?d really like to work with? If you could work with any rapper ever on a song, who would it be?

If I had the opportunity to work with anyone it would have to be Missy Elliott. She’s truly an inspiration in the industry especially for females so working with her would be an honor.

You have released great videos for your tracks ?Hey Pretty Lady? and ?I am Young Kaii?. Tell us about the experience of shooting music videos?

Music videos take almost an entire day, sometimes days depending on the concept etc.it can be very exhausting but it’s because we have to make sure we get all the footage that we need. My favorite part about shooting videos is being surrounded by people with dreams and goals;regardless if you are a model or a makeup artist everyone is there to make something happen.

Can you tell us about what we can expect on the new album, in terms of sound and guest appearances. Is there a track you are particularly proud of?

People should expect the unexpected from me and my music always. As far as the album goes I like to be as creative and diverse as possible Fans can always know that my lyrics will never be unrelatable. Regardless of the sound my words will be a familiar friend. Selecting just one track would be like choosing a favorite child out of the bunch. I would have to say I’m proud of the entire project because each one is uniquely different yet hold its own memory and I was able to capture that in this project to share with my fans.

Do you feel pressure to be a positive role model for other LGBT people?

Not at all, if you really are about positivity it’s going to show and I really am a positive person. I do feel that we need more positive people like myself to represent for the LGBT community to show those that are not apart of the community that we deserve equality.

What’s are your ambitions for the following years?

As an artist I am always on the rise to evolve not only with my music but as a person as well. My ambitions are to reach others so I may inspire, encourage and influence in a positive manner. Making it a reality is where the fun part comes in because creating music is my passion and having the ability to expand into other areas would be a great way to continue on my journey.

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