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Interview With Outstanding Actor Matthew Montgomery

Matthew Montgomery has led a celebrated acting career in theatre and films. With more than 20 movies already under his belt Mathew is surely the most notable leading man of the gay film industry. With an amazing talent and charming personality he has won the heart of gay movie audiences worldwide.

Find out more about this outstanding actor in this exclusive interview with Queer Me Up

Tell us a little about your new romantic comedy ?I Want To Get Married? and the very impressive cast you got work with.
IWTGM is about a gay nerd trying to get married before the vote for the 2008 California proposition to ban gay marriage. The cast was ? well, fucking amazing. There was not one weak link in the entire bunch. When you have a set filled with this many strong actors, it?s such a wonderful reminder of why I love doing what I do.

What was it like working with director Billy Clift?
I love Billy Clift. Aside from being such an incredible filmmaker and storyteller, he?s a man with a heart of gold. As a director, the thing I absolutely adored about working with him was his creative style and sensibility. He comes in already knowing exactly how he wants the film to look and feel and then sets out to accomplish it on set. At the same time, he still manages to allow his actors and his crew to come with ideas of their own and incorporate them into the process of telling this story and that makes working with Billy Clift a truly collaborative experience. He?s a force to be reckoned with.

Tell us about your character in the movie ?Paul Roll?
He?s a gay nerd. He?s basically Jerry Lewis to the nth degree. Paul is a representation of the bumbling idiot that you can?t help but love. You want so badly for him to find someone to marry and even when he fucks up, you find yourself rooting for him the whole time. He?s a lovable geek.

What did you do in preparation for your role in this movie?
I consider my fianc? a closeted nerd, so I just studied him and took notes.

Did you enjoy playing a gay nerd?
Hell yeah! It?s about time the nerds get a comeback! I grew up watching Revenge of the Nerds and always found myself relating to those goofy characters. It was a dream come true to get to play a nerd who was also gay. Plus, I finally got the chance to make out with Peter Stickles.

In the movie you character wants to get married; do you want to get married someday?
Well, I?m engaged, so yeah. Hahaha!

You?ve starred in various films from different genres over the years ? do you prefer to work in a particular genre?
For me, it isn?t so much about the genre; it?s more about how much nudity I get to do in the film. Just kidding. Actually, I put more emphasis on the character that I?m playing and how different it is from other roles I?ve taken. One of the main reasons that I knew immediately that I wanted to play this role was that it was so vastly different from anything I had done before. I?m always looking for new adventures on the screen and an opportunity to take creative risks. Being part of a story or character that is different from the status quo or challenges some kind of norm has always been a main attraction for me.

How do you feel about the gay movie industry? What changes or improvement would you like to see made?
I?m clearly a fan of the gay movie industry. Most of the roles I?ve taken have been involved in the gay genre in some way. There was once a time when I would have said that the changes and improvements that I would like to see are a raising of the production values of gay film, but I believe this is already being accomplished now.

You have been acting for a long time, what do you know now that you didn’t know when you started?
I found out quickly that if you want a career in this industry, then you have to take the bull by the horns and make it happen. You can?t sit around waiting to be ?discovered.? Starting my own production company, Proteus Pictures, and becoming more involved in making my own films is probably the best decision that I?ve made in my professional life.

Which movie would you say has been your most challenging?
IWTGM without a doubt. It was truly the first time that I played a character that was such a stretch from who I am and such a bizarre role that I found myself wanting to make him as outrageous as possible and yet still find something in him that I could personalize. I wanted to do him justice.

What’s been your favourite role to date?
Paul Roll from I Want To Get Married.

Besides acting in films, you also write, direct and produce movies. How did you handle all of those different jobs?
I recently decided to take sleep out of my daily routine. It was just becoming too much of a distraction.

You and your partner Steven Callahan are part of the international cast of Terrence McNally?s critically acclaim play ?Corpus Christi’, tell us about the experience of working in this project.
If you haven?t had the chance to check this play out, you need to stop what you?re doing right now and go watch it, or read it, or read about it. It?s such an incredible story about love and acceptance in a world still filled with so much hate. Working on Terrence McNally?s Corpus Christi gave me back my faith.

Are there any new/upcoming projects that you’d like to mention?
Because I?m in grad school, I had originally wanted to take some time off acting. HA! WHAT WAS I THINKING!? Filmmaker, Shane Morton, approached me with this wonderful musical short film called The Cinderella Effect that I just couldn?t turn down. We start shooting in December. Check it out! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1985090654/the-cinderella-effect-a-musical-short-film. I?m also directing my first feature film in the summer of 2012, a creature feature called Crimson Creek alongside Nancy Criss and Tracy Wright of Nandar Entertainment. I recently worked with them on Finding Mr. Wright and when they asked me to direct Crimson Creek, I knew this was the chance for me take on the long overdue calling of directing for me.

Questions by the fans

LeeWalker75 Lee Walker. Matthew, you are a great actor & a favorite of mine. Do you like producing as much as acting in the film? Get nervous in sex scenes?
Thanks, Lee! I don?t think I will ever love anything as much as I love acting. I grew up with that being my passion since I was a child. I love being involved in production and making films happen, but there?s nothing like working on a character for me. As far as sex scenes, I would normally make some smart-ass quip about making sure I ALWAYS have a sex scene in my films, but the truth is that yes, I actually get ridiculously nervous. I revert back to being a virgin every time I have to do a love scene.

sbpix Paul Bright. Matt- Congratulations on your university degree! Do you look at the world differently now or have new goals as a graduate?
Hey Paul! It?s weird actually. I originally went back to school because I wanted to finish something I started. Once I completed that, and earned my degree, I was like, ?Why stop now?!? And now that I?m in grad school at USC Cinema, I do find myself thinking more outside of my comfort zone of where my career has been in the past years. I don?t mean so much in terms of the ?gay genre? as much as I mean staying in the indie world only. I love being an independent filmmaker. However, I?m beginning to be reminded that the world is a much bigger place than my little bubble and now feel ready to explore it more.