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Interview With British Adult Film Star Kennedy Carter

Kennedy Carter is one of today?s most successful adult Superstars. He is definitely one of the most refreshing faces in the gay adult film industry at this moment. This 26 year-old tattooed, red haired specimen has an amazing sex-appeal and a witty charm that makes him fascinating and exceptional.

With a killer body and vibrant personality this sexy British guy is being sought after by the biggest producers in the industry. Having been in the industry for just a few years, Kennedy has worked with almost every major porn studio including; Cazzo, Lucas Entertainment and Hot House Entertainment.

He was the first British guy to become an exclusive performer for Raging Stallion Studios and he has been nominated for a TLA Gay Awards in the favourite newcomer category and The ?Grabbys? Gay Porn Awards in the best newcomer category.

His career as a model has given him the opportunity to work with renowned photographers, Joseph Sinclair, Philip Riches, Ali Kepenek, Darren Brade, Daniel Moss and the guys of ShootMeUp. He has been featured on the cover of many magazines and his work as a Go-Go dancer has taken him to practically every gay night club around the world!

Kennedy Carter will go down in adult film history as one of the most alluring and vigorous performers of the new millennium which is reason enough to check out this exclusive Queer Me Up interview with him. Kennedy answers fans? questions and talks about his life before porn, his favourite co-star and his future plans.

Can you tell us a little about your life before entering the adult film industry?

I grew up in a small middle-class town in the middle of England. After high school I traveled around a bit before settling in London three years ago.

What motivated you to get into the adult films scene?

I had left a well paid job to start college and was looking for a way to support myself. Porn was a great option because it allowed me a lot of time to study and allowed me the luxury of traveling more.

How do you feel when you see yourself in adult videos?

I try to watch at least the trailer of each scene I do just to see how I look on camera. It never grosses me out but it rarely turns me on, I guess it’s more about trying to evaluate my performance.

Which is favorite movie/scene of your career?

I think my scene in Golden Gate season is one of the best looking scenes I have done, I really love the contrast between myself and D.O. who is so tan.

Do you have a favorite partner(s) that you like to work with?

My favorite was Chris Porter because he went on to become one of my best friends in the industry.

Have you thought about starting your own business, producing your own videos?

No, although I think people would enjoy some of the videos I have made with my boyfriend! My focus is on school so I don’t think I would be able to dedicate myself properly to something like that.

Right now you are a successful performer in the porn Industry, but how do you think your life would be without your porn career?

Well I would still be at university, but I would definitely be struggling a lot more. I wouldn’t have traveled so much and I would have missed out on meeting a lot of fantastic people.

Do you have any upcoming movies, shows?

Golden Gate season 3 will be released on NakedSword.com soon. I will be hosting a party at G Lounge in NYC on Wednesday the 13th of July, and this month you can catch me on Friday nights at Cockpit as part of the Rocket parties at D36, also in NYC. Keep an eye on my twitter for all my other upcoming gigs.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m starting the third year of my degree, which I will be spending in Mexico City, this fall. Once I graduate from my school in London after that I would like to come to NYC full time to carry on my education, and hopefully keep making great movies!

What would you like to say to all your followers out there?

Thank for putting up with all the nonsense I tweet about, for sending me music you think
I will like, and for always coming up and saying hi when I’m out and about.

Here are some questions sent by the fans via twitter

Ernest Strong @Fregameeate Ernest Strong: How did u make “it” grow so much?

What is “it”?


I just love the color of them!

MikeyVee @mikeyvee MikeyVee:?What’s?your Kryptonite.. Red and Green?

I have to admit that combination is pretty dreadful on a pale person with red hair.

Drew David @1968Drew Drew David: ?Does your?boyfriend ever get jealous of?your film work?

No, he’s pretty open-minded about that: as long as I’m in bed with him at the end of the day he doesn’t give me too hard a time.

Noel Redwood @noelatredwood Noel Redwood: Was there a time when you fall for a sex scene partner in one of the movies you’ve done? Can you?give names?

I have thought that most of my scene partners have been very sexy, but I have never fallen for any of them.

Tam A. @Cdn_Tam Tam A. I want to ask you about the efficacy of drying socks in a microwave.

I have learned the hard way that it does not work!

HoMoFo @HoMoFo HoMoFo: ?Who’s ‘Olivia’? (referring to one of Kennedy’s tattoos)

My niece.

Francis G. @TheFrancisTO Francis G.??Are you?excited to come party in Toronto for #PrideTO and #PitbullPride?

I had the best Pride I have ever had, thanks for having me!

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