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Hugh Jackman Overcame Fear Of Being Called A Poof

In an interview with XTRA The sexiest man on earth Hugh Jackman reveals the reaction of his family when he decided to start a musical theater career and the fact that his brother called him a poof.

Jackman actually got his start in musical theater back home in Australia. Early childhood roles in plays like Camelot sparked an interest in singing and dancing ? a curiosity that was quickly squashed when he announced it to his family.

?I would love to say I was Billy Elliot, but I wasn?t,? Jackman says. ?My dad was like, ?Terrific,? but my brother was like, ?Ah, you poof!? I was only about 10 or 11, but I remember thinking that this is not a good thing.?

It wasn?t until his 18th year that Jackman?s theatrical interest was resuscitated by an unlikely source. His family had just attended a performance of 42nd Street, inspiring his brother to have a change of heart.

?My brother came up to me and said, ?Man, I want to apologize. I?m such an idiot? you should be up there doing that. It was really a kind of sweet thing for him to say. I joined up the next day.?

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