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UPDATE: HIV Prevention Ads Removed And Reinstated in Australia

An HIV Prevention ad campaign showing a gay couple has been removed from bus shelters in the Australian state of Queensland because the Australian Christian Lobby was not happy about it.

The Herald Sun has the story:

HIV campaigners are outraged a safe sex promotion featuring a fully clothed, hugging gay couple has been pulled from Queensland bus shelters.

The Queensland Association for Healthy Communities launched its “Rip and Roll” advertisements a week ago and today learned they were being scrapped after about 30 complaints.

The adverts feature a black and white image of a gay couple embracing, holding an unopened red condom packet.

Read the rest of the story via THE HERALD SUN

UPDATE: The ads has been reinstated after media backlash.

The Herlad Sun has the report:

Advertising company Adshel has bowed to an online backlash against its decision to pull down billboards promoting safe sex after it was accused of homophobia.

More than 25,000 people joined a “Rip and Roll” Facebook support group after their safe sex advertisement targeting gay men was pulled down from Brisbane bus stops.