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Happy Holidays from Steam Room Stories!


The Steam Room Stories guys are ready to fully embrace the festive spirit.

Chris Reid, Ray Tezanos, Adam Bucci and Josh Wise share their festive decorations before discovering that one of the guys isn?t quite as into Christmas as the others. The discovery of a well-used item leads to some confusion and plenty of double entendres.

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Steam Room Stories is available on DVD now from the Cinema175 store http://cinema175.com/store.

Fans can get their hands on Volume 1 (eps 1-39) and Volume 2 (eps 40-70) for only $9.99 each. Cinema 175?s new movie The 10 Year Plan is also available to pre-order now.

Fans can also get a range of merchandise including t-shirts, towels and more from the official Steam Room Stories shop http://www.cafepress.com/cinema175.

The Steam Room Stories boys have just launched their first ever calendar too which you can purchase at the?official store now.