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Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor discusses Season 2 & Covers XEX Magazine?


Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor covers Fashion, Art, Bizarre publication?XEX Magazine?s Noir Edition. Gotham?was promoted as a prequel to Batman starring young Jim Gordon, but now that the finale has aired, it would seem that the first season was really all about Penguin?s rise to power.

While on set Robin chatted with XEX about how he was casted & what unique characteristics he brought to his interpretation of Oswald Cobblepot.

?When I went for the role I didn?t even know what I was auditioning for; it was called ?Untitled Warner Bros. Project? on the sides. I read the scene as I would do any scene without knowing who the character was, and then the night before, my agent told me, “Oh, by the way, this is the origin story of Batman and you?re auditioning for the Penguin.”

About his distinctive ?Penguin Walk?.

?One of my favorite things about this incarnation of Oswald?s story is we get to see the walk develop. We got to see the physical injury he received from Jada Pinkett Smith?s character Fish Mooney; and because it was a physical ailment it was something I was able to discuss with our stunt coordinator.?I also have a helpful trick that gets me into the headspace of it all & to keep the walk consistent. I keep a water bottle cap taped inside the bottom of my right shoe. So with every step I take there is a reminder that Oswald experiences pain with every step he takes as well. ?

In Robin?s 1st cover spread he wears fashion forward monochromatic menswear inspired the character including Andrew Marc, Public School NYC, Adeen, Rick Owens, Roberto Cavali & more.

At this weekend’s Wizard World St. Louis Comic Con, Robin Lord Taylor sat down with fans and spoke about how emotional it was for him to say goodbye to Jada Pinkett Smith,who plays Fish Mooney on the series. Mooney saw herself (sort of) killed off by Cobblepot, making that moment bittersweet for both Taylor and his character. “I spent all night scrapping with Jada Pinkett-Smith, which isn’t easy, let me tell you,” said Taylor.

Although Taylor kept major spoilers from the upcoming season secret, he did discuss Cobblepot’s new character arc, especially now that he’s taken on the “King of Gotham” role. “That’s going to be his huge challenge,” says Taylor. “His whole focus has been on getting to this point. I don’t know how prepared he is maintaining that. When you’re at the top in Gotham City, you have a giant target on your back.” When asked about the villains we can expect to see on the next season of?Gotham, Taylor confirmed two. “I know two villains specifically for next season: Mr. Freeze and Mad Hatter are both coming to?Gotham. I’m excited about that.”

Season two of?Gotham?premieres this fall on Fox & XEX Magazine is available on Print & Digital Newsstands.

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