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Do you give your one-eyed monster a name?


Giving your penis a name isn?t a new phenomenon but it?s not something that many men discuss openly.

In the new episode of Steam Room Stories, new cast member Charlie Merlo is surprised to find his steam room companion Moronai Kanekoa referring to his member openly as if it were a person. The two are joined by John Suazo who supports the idea that men often name their penises revealing what the other guys of the steam room call theirs.

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Charlie 1

Charlie Merlo joins the Steam Room Stories cast

Sacramento born-and-raised Charlie Merlo is the latest hunk to join the cast of hit web series Steam Room Stories.

The swoon-worthy Charlie comes from Italian and Irish heritage and is a keen football fan having played it himself during his time at college in Kansas where he studied journalism. He?s a big fan of the 49ers and goes to see them as much as he can.

Talking about joining the show Charlie reveals, ?I auditioned for Steam Room Stories with (creator/writer) JC (Calciano) and we just clicked. I read for two parts and had a good feeling. JC called me to welcome me aboard that day.?

Was joining an established cast a nerve-wracking experience? ?It’s a bunch of guys in towels. It’d be tough to not be friendly. But I knew we were a team when I came back from make up and Ben (Palacios) let me know I missed a spot… It’s the little things like makeup that bring gym guys together.?

You?ll be seeing a lot more of Charlie in forthcoming episodes and he makes his debut in brand new episode ‘My Penis? Nam’.

Steam Room Stories is available on DVD now from the Cinema175 store http://cinema175.com/store. Fans can get their hands on Volume 1 (eps 1-39) and Volume 2 (eps 40-70) for only $9.99 each. Cinema 175?s new movie The 10 Year Plan is also available to pre-order now.




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