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Former Pirates owner Kevin McClatchy reveals he is gay

Kevin McClatchy, 49, the owner and CEO of the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1996 to 2007, revealed he is gay in an interview with Frank Bruni for the New York Times. He kept quiet about being gay for years because “he frequently heard homophobic language during his days in baseball”.

The New York Times has the exclusive:

McClatchy, whose interview with The Times was his first public acknowledgment of his sexual orientation, could do considerable good. He remains well known in baseball ? he?s been informally advising the mayor of Sacramento on the city?s interest in having a major league team ? and is the chairman of the board of the McClatchy Company, which publishes more than two dozen newspapers, including The Sacramento Bee and The Miami Herald.

And pro sports offers a frontier on which there?s considerable good to be done. One reason there has been so much attention lately to statements about homosexuality, supportive and derogatory, from prominent male athletes is that they inhabit a stubborn bastion of reductively defined masculinity, and many impressionable kids take their cues from it. If its heroes make clear that being gay is O.K., the impact could be profound: fewer adolescents and teenagers bullied, fewer young and not-so-young adults leading stressful, painful double lives.

McClatchy, 49, said that his took a toll. ?I think I was more paranoid, for sure, about people,? he said. ?And suspicious, definitely. And angry.? His serious romantic relationships with men were few and strained until he left sports, and his partner of the last four years, Jack Basilone, who shares his home here, told me that McClatchy remains guarded, wary.

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