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Exclusive Interview With Sexy British Manband ‘The Reason 4’

The Reason 4 is about to release their debut single ‘Take It All’, 7 August, 2011. The sexy manband formed by Nathan, Scott, Glenn and Marc skyrocketed to fame in the UK after participating on Simon Cowell’s reality TV competition ‘The X Factor’ and winning high praise from some of the biggest names in the music industry.

The guys signed a major publishing deal with Sony / ATV and a record deal with Far West Music, now ?the Reason 4? is set to conquer the world with their debut, self-penned EP titled ?Crying Out Loud?.

When the opportunity arose for us to interview ?The Reason 4? we were excited because we are massive fans of their music. We know our readers love the Band so our interview includes a few questions sent by them.

Find out a little more about them in this exclusive Queer Me Up interview with all the members of ?The Reason 4? and get the scoop on the band’s gay friendly attitude…

You guys have been friends for over 13 years and we are sure you have had your ups and downs in that time. How have you guys been able to keep it all working as friends and band members?

I think every band has their ups and downs but we have been friends a long time and we are friends outside of The Reason 4 so I think that’s what helps us. We kinda know each other too well and we know when to have a laugh or when enough is enough. But as lads do we sometimes push it to far till someone breaks and that’s usually Scott

What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

The music that we are creating is anthemic pop. People have said our music sounds like The Script, Keane and Take That so we are happy with that.

Who are your major influences?

Its kinda cool really because we all have such different influences. They range from Johnny cash, Elvis to Craig David, Nsync, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder etc. If we like a song it doesn’t matter who sings it, we just like it.

What did you get from your experience in X-Factor?

The XFactor was a great experience for us and gave us a great platform to work from. It opens your eyes and makes you realise how hard it is to break through in the industry, as so many people are chasing the same dream. We had a really good time on the show and made a lot of friends along the way. I think we all lost about a stone in weight with worry cos they keep you in the dark a lot about whats going on so they can get true reactions from you. It was a very emotional roller coaster but fun at the same time.

How do you feel about being compared to all the other famous man-bands?

First of all it is a honour as there have been some great bands in the past and today, People will always compare you to other artists we are just looking forward to people hearing the music we have written as a group and getting to know us as a band.

What can you tell us about your debut album ?Crying Out Loud??

Our debut album “CRYING OUT LOUD” is an expression of a lot of life experiences for us and the great co writers ( Andrew Murray, Eliot Kennedy, Matt Marston ) who we wrote the album with, We like to think there is a song on there for everybody and we really hope you guys enjoy it.

Why did you choose ?Crying Out Loud? as the title for the album?

Crying Out Loud is not only a line from a song on the album called ” Broken ” that we are really proud of, It is also our way of describing how hard it is to be heard in the music industry as we have been together as friends and a band now for over eleven years.

How do you describe the sound of the album?

Well as we made our way through the album finding our own sound we have been described as a cross between “Take That and The Script” or “Keane and Take That”, our sound is anthemic pop but we describe our sound as pop/rock or indie/pop as we like to keep a real instrument sound along side nice harmony’s and real vocals.

The first single of the album is a powerful song titled ?Take It All?. Tell us about the origin of the song?

The origin of TAKE IT ALL ( release date 7th of august 2011 ) is really the bands story so far and a message to anyone whatever your vice i.e.: singing, sport, acting, relationships, its really just a song about never giving up take the knock backs and come back stronger

Can you tell us a bit about the ?Take It All? video shoot?

The video shoot for us was a great experience and just to be on the set for your debut single shoot is nerve racking but so much fun, we cant give too much away “sorry” but we think you guys will love it.

You guys write or co-write all the songs on the album. Can you give your fans a little insight into the creative process?

The writing for us was really organic we have only ever written a few times in the past as a four and when we got signed to Sony/ATV we were not sure what we were gonna create, But it all just seemed to come together. there is not one stand out writer in the band, its when we are together as a four that our best material comes together and we have also had the honour of writing with some of the best names in the industry ( Andrew Murray, Eliot Kennedy, Matt Marston ) its just a blank canvas then we usually start with the music, Then get a theme for the song and see where it takes us.

How was the experience working with your producer Andrew Murray?

Just to save anybody scratching there heads this is Andrew Murray the song writer/ producer not the tennis player!! We gel really well with Andy as songwriters we wrote TAKE IT ALL with him and we are very proud to have him as part of the production team headed by Eliot Kennedy working on our debut album CRYING OUT LOUD.

What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs on the album?

Every song on the album has a different theme/topic, as we have all drawn on our own life experiences to write them. We are positive that there is something for everyone on the Album.

How do you feel about having such a strong gay following?

We are absolutely thrilled with having such a strong gay following. Some of our favourite gigs have been at gay venues and we always get a great response from them. We have had great support from gay magazines and radio stations too. We love our gay fans very much.

You have performed at many gay venues in Britain. How can you compare your experiences at theses venues to other venues you have played in?

There is always a very fun and friendly environment at gay venues. They are more challenging at times because the crowd usually wants us to take our kit off lol, but once we get going on stage and performing our songs the crowd get into it and enjoy themselves.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

We have many upcoming shows, head over to our website www.thereason4.com for all the upcoming events. P.s you can grab a free download of our version of “The Reason” too! Also add us on Facebook and twitter (Search The Reason 4) for regular updates on gigs and events.

What are the Reason 4?s future plans? Wining some Brits awards? A worldwide Tour?

We would absolutely love to be hugely successful all over the world and win lots of Brit awards and Grammy’s etc . A UK number 1 is our big ambition at the moment.

The Reason 4’s debut single ‘Take It All’ is available from 7 August. Their debut album ?Crying Out Loud? is scheduled for an autumn release.

Check out a sneak peek of their debut single ‘Take It All?.

Visit www.thereason4.com for more information.

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