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Eating Out Actor Chris Salvatore Exclusive Interview

Whether he?s performing on stage or acting on screen Chris Salvatore leaves audiences breathless. He?s an out, talented actor and singer/songwriter with a great attitude for life and a sexy image. He?s the best of both film and music worlds in one package. ?

Chris Salvatore is a terrific actor whose work we have enjoyed in the movie ?Eating Out: All You Can Eat? where he plays ?Zack?. He will remake this role for the new installment of the hilarious ?Eating Out? series titled ?Eating Out: Drama Camp? which will be released July 17, 2011.

Chris is also recognized for his very successful music career. At 26 he has managed to released two albums titled ?Dirty Love? and ?The Sound Of This Beat? winning praise by critics and a very enthusiastic fan base. This year he also launched ?Dirty Love-The Remixes? a compilation of remixes by popular DJs such as DJ Skeet Skeet and Hector Fonseca.

As a gay advocate and spokesperson Chris has done a lot of work for ?Gay American Heroes? and he has recorded a song/video for ?It Gets Better? and ?The Trevor Project?.

There?s something really alluring about him that makes our readers go weak in the knees.

Chris was kind enough to answer a few questions sent by his fans via Twitter in this exclusive interview with Queer Me Up. He talks about been bullied in school and coming out publicly. He gives us some spoiler alerts on his new movie ‘Eating Out:Drama Camp’, he even drops a few hints on what’s coming next for his music career…

What can you tell us about your upcoming film ?Eating Out: Drama Camp??

I’ll give you a few hints. Shakespeare, blowjobs in the woods, poison oak, a crazy camp counselor, and a butt load of new characters all at drama camp together getting into all sorts of trouble!

Tell us a little about your character ?Zack? in this movie?

Zack is pretty stupid. He always seems to be the last one to know things, but that’s part of his charm. He is a sweetheart, sometimes to nice and it gets him into trouble with boys because he doesn’t like to hurt their feelings. He is a hopeless romantic but he also is a pretty horny guy so he’s not gonna pass up a good time.

How was the experience working with Daniel Skelton, Ronnie Kroell, Steven Diagle, Aaron Milo and all those sexy actors?

We had such a blast on set. We filmed in the middle of nowhere in Malibu so I felt like we were actually at camp. I don’t wanna give anything away but my new love interest was very easy to look at and makeout with!

You appear naked in Eating Out: All You Can Eat. Did you film any other nude scene for this movie?

No unfortunately for you guys, fortunately for me! Haha those scenes are AWKWARD!

In addition to be an actor, you are also a successful singer and songwriter. Are you planning to release new music?

Yes I am working in a new album now, as well as some of my music will be in the new film.

When did you come out and to whom?

I came out when I was 21 to my outspoken italian grandmother, she took me to lunch at Friendly’s. We have a very special bond. She calls me her little shit. Haha

You are an openly gay actor working in the film industry, what informed your decision to be an out actor? What?s your take on the Hollywood closet?

It was a hard decision, a lot of industry people told me not to come out publicly. But I knew I wanted to share my story and be able to help others as opposed to being selfish and staying in the closet cause I was told I would get more roles. Everyone is different so I’m not going to comment on other closeted actors. But I will say they must be living an eternal hell.

You?re very involved with ?Gay American Heroes?, tell us about your work with the foundation.

I was contacted by the founder, Scott Hall and he asked me to do a psa for the charity. Since I was bullied in school for being gay I knew it was something I had to get involved with. Its really nice to read all the messages from other victims of hate and bullying letting me know that they are listening and that even if it’s a small amount I am making a difference. Every gay man and women should get involved somehow in helping end gay bullying and hate crimes.

What inspired you to write a song and make a video for the ?It Gets Better? campaign?

Like I said before I was very bullied in school and there were times I wanted to kill myself because I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I wish there was an “it gets better” campaign back when I was younger. I wanted to share my story and write a song about my journey and in turn try to help others who are going through the same hard times I did.

Do you feel pressure to be a positive role model for other LGBT people?

No, it’s something that needs to be done in our community. We need more positive role models for gay youth.

You always look so great, how do you stay in shape. What?s your secret?

I have a pretty fast metabolism. But I try to workout at least 3 times a week and try not eat too much fast food even though I love it!

Our readers are dying to know what?s your current relationship status; Single, Dating, Taken?


What are your career goals in music and films?

I would like to continue on the path I am taking. I love to travel. Hopefully I will get a chance to visit the uk. I would love to do a teen drama show on television like gossip girl or vampire diaries. That would be awesome!

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