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DIRECTV releases images for their new series ‘Kingdom’

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DIRECTV has released images for their new series Kingdom, which will premiere exclusively on DIRECTV’s Audience Network on Wednesday, October 8 at 9pm.

Watch the trailer below.

Kingdom is a visceral family saga that takes place in Venice, California and is set against the backdrop of the renegade subculture of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It is a world rife with complex characters and relationships that unfurl in surprising and deeply human ways. Byron Balasco is creator, executive producer and showrunner.

The Kingdom cast stars Frank Grillo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier; Homefront; Warrior) as Alvey Kulina, a Mixed Martial Arts legend and owner of Navy St. MMA gym based in Venice, CA; Kiele Sanchez (The Glades; Lost) as Lisa Prince, Alvey?s girlfriend; Matt Lauria (Friday Night Lights) as Ryan Wheeler, the world-class athlete who had it all, including Lisa Prince, until his spiraling drug addiction landed him in prison; Jonathan Tucker (Parenthood) as Jay Kulina, Alvey?s eldest son; Nick Jonas as Nate Kulina, Alvey?s youngest son and the prized fighter at the gym and Joanna Going (House of Cards; Mad Men) as Christina Kulina, Alvey?s estranged wife and mother to Jay and Nate.

When word gets out that superstar Ryan Wheeler is training with Alvey, Navy St. MMA gym begins to gain some attention. Finally, Alvey begins to taste a bit of the glamour to go with the grit. ?He is willing to go through extraordinary means to make sure his fighters are taken care of, but all of this success and responsibility comes at a steep price. ?Despite Lisa?s pleas to Alvey not to let her ex train at the gym, suspecting he has ulterior motives and knowing her feelings for him are unresolved, Alvey let the wolf in the door on the grounds that his relationship with Lisa is solid and the belief that Ryan is ready for the road to redemption. ?Ryan, however, is not the only superstar at Navy St. MMA making headlines. ?Lisa?s reputation as a savvy businesswoman is beginning to grow outside of the Navy St MMA gym walls. ?She is approached by investors who want to put money into Alvey?s gym and it may be impossible for her to say no. Is his comeback truly about wanting to make amends or will too much fame, money and access threaten Ryan?s intentions and his return to glory? ?For Jay, if he can start earning money by getting back into the cage, he might be able to get his mother Christina off of the streets and settle the score with the guys who assaulted his brother Nate, who is forced to take a hiatus from fighting to recover from his injuries.

Twitter: ?@KingdomDirecTV

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