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Celebrities Rally Behind New Resource that Supports LGBT Couples Starting Families

Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood

(LOS ANGELES) ? Now that marriage equality is legal throughout the U.S., many same-sex couples are moving on to the next step in their relationships by starting families. But the road to parenthood is still a challenge for many people in the LGBT community. That?s why author Eric Rosswood put together Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood, a new book designed to help people in the LGBT community start families of their own.

Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood is filled with nearly 20 gripping real-life stories of same-sex couples creating their own families. The rollercoaster of emotions and detailed complications in each story, paint a picture of what it?s really like for people in the LGBT community with aspirations of becoming parents. The timely book is getting great reviews, and the captivating stories have many well-known people lending their support for the project.

Actress and New York Times bestselling author Melissa Gilbert (Little House on the Prairie, Batman: The Animated Series) wrote the foreword where she talks about her own family evolvement and how things have changed in society throughout the years.

?Families look different now than they did a few decades ago,? Gilbert explains in the foreword. ?Whether they consist of a mother and father, two mommies, two daddies, single parents, a foster family, grandparents or whatever, it?s not about what the family looks like. It?s about how much they love one another.?

Dan Bucatinsky, Emmy Award-winning actor (Scandal) and author of Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight, also gave praise to Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood. He described the book as ?a collection of informative and inspiring stories about the journey into parenthood by a variety of couples whose riveting experiences will help anyone looking to grow their family!?

Called a ?true game changer? by Max Disposti, Executive Director of the North San Diego County LGBTQ Resource Center, the book helps prospective LGBT parents compare and contrast five popular options for having children: adoption, foster care, assisted reproduction, surrogacy, and co-parenting. It also includes various legal tips from the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), questions each individual should ask before proceeding, and a list of challenges of which one should be aware.

?Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood should be required reading for gay couples wanting and having a child,? said Sam Harris, singer, Broadway actor, author (Ham: Slices of Life), husband and father. ?There is no better source of advice than from those who have trod the path before us and ?Journey? is straight from the horse?s mouth ? a beautifully written, raw, honest, emotional, glorious and sometimes overwhelming account of the joys and challenges of seeking parenthood as a same-sex couple.??

?Finally, a book written about parenting from the experience of others in our community,? said Craig Ramsay, Fitness Expert and Reality T.V. Star on Bravo’s Newlyweds: The First Year. ?Brandon and I felt like we were receiving advice from friends who understood and got us. Now, if we could only get Eric and the other people in this book on speed dial for when we raise our children!?

Rosswood?s book has also picked up some endorsements from activist, speaker and author (My Two Moms) Zach Wahls; British actor, Charlie Condou (Coronation Street); New York State Assembly Member Daniel J. O?Donnell; UK singer and performer Ian Watkins (?H? from the band Steps); Judy Appel, Executive Director of Our Family Coalition; and Gabriel Blau former Executive Director of the Family Equality Council.

Set to be released March 15 through New Horizon Press, Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood brilliantly weaves together real life stories of challenge and triumph. The end result is a book that is part resource and part anthology, blending critical information for prospective same-sex parents along with a wealth of gripping real-life stories from couples who already went through the experience. In one story, a lesbian couple in the military is forced to hide their relationship as they adopt a baby during the height of ?Don?t Ask, Don?t Tell.? In another snapshot, a gay couple decides to have a baby through international surrogacy, but winds up stranded in India after the government refuses to grant exit Visas for their newborn twins.

Publishers Weekly praised the book, calling it ?Supportive and helpful?full of warmth, encouragement, and advice.?

For more information, visit Eric Rosswood?s official website at www.ericrosswood.com. To purchase the book, visit Amazon.com and other retailers where books are sold.

Also, check out this new video in which Duke and Steve from the book discuss raising children and starting a family:



Eric Rosswood is an LGBT activist, author, and father. In 2011, he released My Uncle?s Wedding, a marriage equality themed children?s book showcasing a same-sex marriage through the eyes of a child. The book was an Amazon bestseller and went on to receive a proclamation from California State Senator, Mark Leno. His new book, Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood: Firsthand Advice, Tips and Stories from Lesbian and Gay Couples, helps people in the LGBTQ community compare adoption, foster care, surrogacy, assisted reproduction, and co-parenting so that they can make the best decision for expanding their own families.