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An Interview With The Incredible UK Singer/Songwriter John Galea

John Galea is amassing critical acclaim in the music industry and creating passionate followers with the release of his debut single “Do it my way”. His unique brand of catchy Electro Pop sound meshes perfectly with his powerful voice.

The talented UK artist is now preparing for a tour and the release of a new track’s video. Find out a little bit more about John Galea and his musical career in this exclusive interview.

Tell us about your background. Where did you grow up?

I’m Norfolk born and bred and grew up by the beach in Great Yarmouth . My school was on the beach so used to skip lessons at school and head for the beach growing up!

When did you first realize you had the gift of music?

Dad brought home an electronic organ he found one day and I started learning how to play , I then moved on to learning piano. I then started to study how to write a pop song with my classical training to help.

Who were your musical inspirations when you were growing up?

I had a lot of influences growing up from Michael Jackson , ABBA, George Michael and a lot of country music as well.

Where do you draw inspiration from, when you’re working on your music?

From my everyday life, where I’ve come from and the relationships I’ve had and lost. A lot of material is personal , for example A track called Red Shoes was written about an ex of mine.

Tell us about how you generally approach writing a song?

I generally start from what I’m trying to say musically and lyrically and then I start on the piano working out melodies and lyrics whilst keeping on mind whats current and how I sound as an artist

For someone who hasn’t heard any of your music yet. How would you describe your sound?

Gritty Electro Pop

How are you feeling about the release of ?Do it my way??

So excited! It’s the first track to be released on ITUNES and I’m so thankful for the support I’m getting.

What was it like working on your new debut single ?Do it my way?, and what were the ideas behind it?

It was so much fun to do. I wanted to create more of gritty track and so I went into the studio with my co producer bearing that in mind. Its the most gritty track I have ever cut , I’m over the moon with the single!

How was the experience of filming the music video of ?Do it my way?.

CRAZY!!!! Up at 4am and finishing very late. It was the first video I had ever made and I was lucky enough to work with an amazing director and production company called Luti Media. The recently produced Leona Lewis’ new video ‘Collide’ and The Wanted’s ‘Glad you Came’ track and so the pressure I knew I was working with the best. Again from the beginning I knew I wanted to make a video that would stand out and have a story. I love the Michael Jackson videos where there’s a plot and a story and that’s what we tried to do with this video with the flashbacks at the end. Its just as important I think to think about the video as well as the track.

Anyone you’d like to work with in the future?

I would love to get some sessions in with Labyrinth or Tinchy Stryder. A track with Jessie J would be so cool too , loving her stuff right now

You have written songs for other artists, now that you are starting your music career, are you planning to continue to write for others?

I am. I’m writing all the time and a lot of music doesn’t suit me as an artist. If it all ended tomorrow I would be still writing , it’s a huge part of me.

You have also launched a new line of T-shirts, tell us about that project.

We wanted to branch out and I loved the idea of doing a line of T-Shirts that my fans could get hold of, but wanted it to have positive message so looked through my previous tracks and Trendsetters line ‘Born To Be A Trendsetter’ really stood out for me, as I hope it will for everyone else!

What goals do you wish to accomplish as a singer/songwriter?

I would love as many people as possible to appreciate and enjoy my songs, either having a quiet moment or dancing their asses off!

What are the promotion plans for your new single ?Do it my way??

We have a tour coming up in London with more magazine shoots and interviews on the way and the singles official remix by the Club Junkies is doing really well in the clubs.

What’s next for John Galea? Is there an album on the way or a tour?

A tour is on its way and we are working on a new video for the next track out later this year! There’s a lot more to come!

John Galea?s debut track ?Do It My Way? is out now on iITUNES and AMAZON to Preorder. Its released September 19th.

Watch John Galea ?Do It My Way? Music video.

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