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Actress Maria Bello Reveals Lesbian Relationship


46-year-old actress, Maria Bello has revealed she’s been in a long-term relationship with her best female friend, “Clare”, in an article titled “Coming Out as a Modern Family”, that was published in the New York Times on Friday. Bello is best known for her role in ?Prisoners? as well as other films like ?Coyote Ugly? and ?Grown Ups?.

Bello wrote a lengthy note to recall how she told her son and family about her relationship with Clare:

My feelings for Clare aren?t the same as the butterflies-in-the-stomach, angst-ridden love I have felt before; they are much deeper than that. As we grew closer, my desire for her grew stronger until, after a few months, I decided to share the truth of our relationship with my large, Italian-Polish, ?traditional? Philadelphia family.

My father?s response came between puffs of his cigar while we sat on the roof of a casino in Atlantic City. ?She?s a good girl, good for you,? he said. My mother and family echoed his sentiments. Maybe they weren?t so traditional after all.

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