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Teacher Bans Pupils From Saying ‘gay’

Teacher Warren Bowers, who is gay has banned his pupils from saying ‘gay’.

Stuff.com.nz has the story:

A Kiwi teacher is on a mission to ban the word “gay” from pupils’ everyday speech.

Warren Bowers, a primary school teacher who has done his masters degree on homosexuality in education, said New Zealand children and teenagers seemed to use “gay” as a negative colloquial term more than pupils in other countries.

“Quite often teachers just ignore it … teachers will pull kids up on using sexist language, they’ll pull kids up on using racist language … but if kids use that word ‘gay’ … quite often, they’ll just let it slide.”

However, Victoria University linguistics professor Laurie Bauer said he doubted a ban would have much effect. Despite common use of racist terms being eliminated, racism still existed.

Mr Bowers, who is gay, said it was hard enough coming out as homosexual, without the negative connotations associated with the word.

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