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Selena Gomez Reportedly Denied Russian Visa Over Gay Rights Stance


Less than two days after an online petition asking Selena Gomez to speak out for LGBT Russians at her upcoming concerts was launched, The 21-year-old singer has been forced to cancel a series of concerts — allegedly over her “pro-gay agenda.” She joins pop stars Lady Gaga and Madonna, who’ve recently encountered similar trouble.

The Change.org petition to Selena Gomez surpassed 14,900 signatures.

The Moscow Times reports:

Gomez failed to secure a Russian visa after the government tightened the visa regime for foreign musicians in response to Madonna’s and Lady Gaga’s decisions to openly support gays during their shows in Russia last year, the organizers told RIA Novosti.

Russian conservatives attempted to file lawsuits against those U.S. singers in the spirit of the controversial and vaguely worded law banning the promotion of “nontraditional sexual relationships” to minors that Russia adopted this summer.

The head of the Petersburg Music Industry company, Yevgeny Finkelshtein, said earlier this month that he feared the finger-pointing would discourage other performers from visiting the country.

“Not a single person is going to visit us if the Prosecutor General’s Office starts disputing something or looking for guilty parties,” Finkelshtein said, RIA reported.

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