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Ricky Martin Shines

Kiki Performed his new single ?Shine? on Wednesday’s 12th Annual Home for the Holidays special on CBS.

Ahy Caramba, what a gorgeous latin Christmas gift! Kiki looks so freaking hot and sexy in those pants, so macho, so hombre! but I wish I could see more of his body, so less wardrobe next time chico. Same thing for the male dancers!

The entire performance was just nice; of course it’s CBS on Christmas so Kiki can?t appear half naked manhandled by his dancers. Nevertheless Kiki is a great artist, a gay icon and I?m sure he will please all his gay audience with a more edgy performance during his tour.

The song is great; it?s an up-beat ballad with good rhythm, the melody sticks! I think it going to be a success, although, I have to say I was waiting something more dance and flashy. Anyway, I can?t wait to watch the video.

One last thing, Kiki I?m so happy you?re back on the stage! I kinda of missed you! Happy birthday guapo!