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Randy Phillips Comes Out To His Mom On YouTube

Randy Phillips, the 21-year-old gay member of the Air Force stationed in Germany that has become a viral video sensation has released a new videotape of himself, This time Randy is coming out to his mom.

Digital Life has the story:

On Sept. 20, the day the U.S. military repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Randy Phillips a 21-year-old soldier stationed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, called his father in Alabama and told him he was gay in a video he posted live on YouTube.

It’s hard to hear exactly what Phillips’ dad is saying, but phrases make it through the cellphone static ? “doesn’t change our relationship,” “I will always be proud of you” and “I will always love you.”

Nine days after the raw, emotional video went viral, Phillips dropped the other shoe. On Thursday, he posted the video of the phone call he made to his mom about an hour after he hung up from his dad. Phillips’ parents are not together, and as both father and son joke (nervously) during their conversation, this second phone call won’t go nearly as well.

“Do you want to tell Mom?” Phillips asks.

“I don’t think so,” his dad answers. They laugh.

The phone call to his mother is the 18th video since Phillips started chronicling his coming-out experience five months ago on his YouTube channel, AreYouSurprised, and it is by far the most draining. By the time Phillips calls his father, his fellow soldiers, his former girlfriend and some friends know he’s gay. As he tells both his father and his mother, they’re all fine with it, and he is happy.

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