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Men In Brunei Pay As Much As $400 For Sex With Other Men

Acorrding to The Brunei Times/Asia News Network:

The first initial study on homosexuality in Brunei carried out by Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) revealed the existence of underground gay clubs for men with some paying as much as $400 for a sexual relations with another man.

The working paper, titled “Gay in Brunei Darussalam: An initial observation” was presented during the National Seminar on Social Issues yesterday by two researchers at the Academy of Brunei Studies (APB), UBD, Pg Khairul Rijal Pg Hj Abdul Rahim and Zulhilmi Hj Jaidin.

The study is based on interviews and questionnaires with 29 gay men and focuses on a demographic breakdown on homosexual men and their relationships with other men.

the study reveals instances of the interviewees paying for sex, with one respondent paying as much as $400 for a night with another man. However, the majority of respondents (41 per cent) said they did not pay for sex but interestingly, when asked what they looked for in a partner, 65.5 per cent of respondent said they preferred married men to single men.

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