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Kylie ?Aphrodite Les Folies Tour 2011? World Tour Facts

According to the “Aphrodite Les Folies Tour 2011” facebook Page here are the facts about the show:

FACT 1: The Les Folies tour will have the most technologically advanced and extravagant stage that has ever been built to date.

FACT 2: The tour will have 20 trucks. 10 trucks alone are going to transport the stage.

FACT 3: The stage is made of more than 1 million movable parts.

FACT 4: The stage will have seven lifts and is the best, most complex and most exceptional stage that has ever been built for a venue.

FACT 5: The lighting design consists of more than 600 light sources.

FACT 6: The worldwide unique “Wet Zone” is making it possible for the audience to experience a brand new 4D show!

FACT 7: The developers of the water show at Bellagio and the Disney California Adventure theme parks are creating the water elements of the Les Folies tour.

FACT 8: During the show water-jets will shoot water up to 30 metres high.

FACT 9: The crew consists of more than 120 people, including ca. 20 background dancers, musical artists and air acrobats.

FACT 10: Approximately 200 costumes will be shown during the show.

FACT 11: To transport the artists quickly from A to B, a special “Fly System” has been developed which is inspired by the Spiderman Theatrical Show from Broadway.

FACT 12: The stage will look like that…the one in the photo.

FACT 13: The total weight of the stage equipment totals 45 tons.

FACT 14: The whole stage plus equipment is worth $25,000,000 US!

FACT 15: The stage has been designed by the RoadRage Group.

FACT 16: The stage is being assembled and built by TAIT Towers of Limit, the world’s biggest and best stage building company.

FACT 17: The lighting design has been created by Nick Whitehouse, who already worked with Kylie on her 2009 North American tour and KylieX2008 tour!

LAST FACT (for today): The “Aphrodite Les Folies Tour 2011” is a show that cannot be missed! Make sure you got your tickets!

Via facebook Page