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Gay Soldier Reveals Prince Harry Saved Him From Homophobic Attack

In an upcoming memoir, James Wharton, a British gay soldier has opened up about how Prince Harry rescued him from a beating by a group of squaddies in 2008.

The Daily Mail reports:

The Prince stepped in to save Trooper James Wharton after he was confronted by six soldiers threatening to ?batter? him.

Trooper Wharton fled to find Harry ? who was his tank commander ? and tearfully told the Prince what had happened.

?I told him, ?I think I?m going to be murdered by the infantry.? I climbed into the turret and talked Harry through exactly what had happened. He had a complete look of bewilderment on his face.

?I couldn?t stop the tears from welling up in my eyes. He said, ?Right I?m going to sort this s*** out once and for all.?
‘He climbed out of the tank and I poked my head out of the turret a few moments later to see him having a go,? Wharton said.

Harry, a Troop Commander in the Blues and Royals, confronted the tormentors, warning them they would face severe discipline if they continued their violent threats.

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About the book – Out In The Army, by James Wharton

Out in the Army follows the extraordinary career journey of James Wharton, one of the first ‘out’ soldiers in the armed forces as he becomes a man, joins the Army and learns to deal with his sexuality.