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Fredericksburg Transgender Woman Attacked By A Mob

A 32-year-old transgender woman was assaulted in a convenience-store parking lot in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

NBC4 reports:

At least four attackers ganged up and beat a transgender woman on Saturday.

Speaking exclusively to NBC4’s Julie Carey, the victim, who does not want to be identified, said she thought she’d die in the attack.

“The first time I feared for my life,” the 32-yearold victim said, “is when I actually got knocked out.”

The attack happened on Saturday afternoon, outside of a 7-Eleven in Fredericksburg. Four attackers backed the transgender woman against a wall and began to beat her, with fists, kicks, and a metal broom handle.

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2 of the suspects of the assault are in custody, 2 more on the loose, watch this TV report via WJLA