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Argentina’s 1st Gay Divorce

Argentina legalized gay marriage in July 2010; almost one year later, the country is about to have its first gay divorce.

Merco Press reports:

The Argentine Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals confirmed Wednesday that a female couple who married last April in the northeast of the country is in the process of divorce.

Federation president Esteban Paulon says theirs is the first divorce since July 2010, when Argentina became the first Latin American nation to authorize gay marriage everywhere in the country.

Paulon says the break-up is due to an alleged infidelity. He identified the women as 46-year-old Angela and 25-year-old Vanesa, who tied the knot in Rioja province, 1,170 kilometres northwest of Buenos Aires. They had been living together for six years. Angela and Vanesa first met in 2005 when they both had heterosexual partners.

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