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Anderson Cooper Debuts New Look

Anderson cooper is showing us his new look, black retro nerdy eyeglasses! During an interview with Kathy Griffin He discusses his new accessorie.

He says he looks like Rachel Maddow, he claims they aren?t nerdy eyeglasses and that he hasn?t been able to being use to having glasses, he also admits he?s on valium that’s the main reason why he?s acting a little loopy.

I understand perfectly, Valium has the same effect on me, makes me loopy, horny and slutty.

Anderson looks so hot with eyeglasses, so handsome, so dorky, debonair, elegant and sexy! the guy makes wet, I always end up dripping after watching the news.

I can predict my dream tonight; Oh Professor Cooper, I need an extension for my essay, is there something I can do to… easy your mind? Ill do anything!. And then he nails me on the desk. I so want to be Anderson Cooper’s Bitch!

Watch the video to see Professor Cooper playing with his new eyeglasses: