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6.4 Earthquake Strikes Off Vancouver Island

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 has struck off the coast of British Colombia in Canada.

The Global and Mail has the reports:

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has struck off the west coast of Vancouver Island, with tremours felt as far away as Metro Vancouver. The reading was downgraded from the initial magnitude given as 6.7.

But there is no tsunami warning advisory or warning for the U.S. or Canadian coasts, and local police say there are no reports of injuries or damage. However, there could be aftershocks up to magnitude of 5, seismologists warn.

At 12:42 pm PT, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 occurred under the Pacific Ocean about 90 kilometres south of Port Alice, on Vancouver Island. ?Based on the earthquake magnitude, location and historic tsunami records, a damaging tsunami is not expected,? the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center says.

However, the centre advised that underwater landslides may cause ?local tsunamis? at some coastal locations that experienced strong ground shaking.

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