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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

You better get one, because this is the new fashion statement of the season.

A few days I was invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party by some of my fellow queers and I thought these guys were pulling a prank on me; well it turned out to be real and fabulous! The only rule for these parties is to wear an ugly Christmas sweater.

So I went on my journey to find one, which isn?t difficult to do. I stopped at the flea market and I saw a rare and disturbing knit creation made in fashion hell with a big snowman face and some flashy Christmas colors. I thought man; I?ll be wearing the ugliest sweater at the party. I was so wrong! Mine was merely a regular ugly sweater compared to the others.

The fashion disasters I witnessed at that party blew me away; besides the tacky figures and the over the top colours, the sweaters had real Christmas lights, 3D style reindeer horns, and of course, Christmas wreaths. And just when I thought it couldn?t get worse I saw the one, the ugliest Christmas sweater of history. Inspired by lady GaGa this sweater had red and green huge bobbles all around, each one of them with a cheap ornament inside, it was both hideous and genius.

The party was superb; I had the time of my life! It was a Christmas rocky horror madness freak show! You need to live the experience of these parties so I encourage you to visit UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY website to know more about this new trendy events.

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