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Tom Ford Interview With Time Out Magazine

Sexy designer Tom Ford is featured in a very reveling interview in Time Out Hong Kong. The designer talks about children and his new collection, He declined to comment on his new movie and fellow designer John Galliano’s recent problems. Here are the highlights of the interview by Kawai Wong.

On His new movie:

I won?t tell you about it. I believe you should do something and then talk about it, which is why I didn?t talk about my women?s collection until it just appeared in New York. And I didn?t talk about my movie until it was finished.

On having children:

I always said I wanted to have children. And as I got a little bit older, Richard, who I live with ? we?ve been together 24 years ? did not want children. And so I decided not to have children. But if I have children, no one will know about it until the child is born. And no one will ever see the child because I certainly wouldn?t use it as a press tool. If I have a child, you won?t notice that I had a child. Maybe you?ll see it when it?s 18, but I will keep it out of the spotlight. I wouldn?t use it as a press tool, as some people I know have recently.

On casting models Liu Wen, Du Juan and Rinko for his show:

Well, first of all, two of them are models and they are beautiful, and Rinko is an actress who I adore and I loved her in Babel. I?ve always been quite multicultural and it?s funny that someone asked me in an interview yesterday if I had any Asian friends. I felt that was such a strange question. When you grow up in America, contrary to popular belief, we are racially blind because we?ve had Japanese and Chinese families, five generations, living in America. So we grow up with Asian-Americans, African-Americans, European-Americans. And I don?t think she?s my Asian friend. She?s my beautiful friend, she?s my dumb friend that asks me crazy shiii? she?s my fabulous friend, she?s my chic friend, she?s my? I?m colourblind. When you do a fashion show it?s very important and it?s a responsibility to represent a multicultural cast.

On the fitting of his new collection:

Well, I have to say if we have to talk about things like this, Americans are too fat. And in London they are starting to get fat too. So I have to say that if we have to talk about race system and nationalism, I find it refreshing that everyone [who is] Chinese is slim. The only thing we changed [at Gucci] was the width of the nose bridge on eyeglasses because it won?t fit an Asian nose if it?s made for someone?s nose like mine. We changed the shoe width because, traditionally, in Asia, certain men and women have a wider foot in the front. Our buyers should be buying our shorter jackets. We made a kind of petite version, which my mother for example, 5ft 3in, or 5ft 2in, you could say she has an Asian body. Long torso, short legs and she?s 5ft 3in. She needs a kind of petite jacket. And she?s German and Irish. So I don?t know, you know?

On John Galliano’s recent problems:

I don?t want to comment. I know John, I like John a lot. Obviously he?s very troubled. I feel very sorry for him. Historically, Yves Saint Laurent had drug problems. A lot of different fashion designers had drugs and alcohol problems. It?s a very tough, tough, tough business. You have to be very strong.

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