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Suddenly Fem? Crossdressing Clothing Line Debuts Tips and Tricks Resource Center for Transgender Community Education

Suddenly Fem Online Knowledge Center

PHILADELPHIA, May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Crossdressing can be a complicated and confusing endeavor as valuable, expert information is not easily found to help someone transition their look from male to female.

Genetic Girls have oodles of blogs and major magazine sites filled with industry expert tips and tricks about fashion, makeup, and lifestyle, but what about T-Girls?

Finally, Transitioning Trans Women and Cross Dressers can browse articles about style, sizing, lifestyle, fashion, love and dating written by respected experts ? all written with the beginning or seasoned cross-gender girl in mind.

Suddenly Fem? has launched its new Online Knowledge-Learning Center catering to the needs of the M2F Cross-gender community. They have gathered respected bloggers and experts from all over the world to contribute articles on a vast array of helpful subjects.
Take a tour of the Suddenly Fem Learning Center Here (www.crossdresser.com/LearningCenter)

“We are excited to offer this great new free online resource for the trans and crossdressing community. Our experts are covering all of our most popular FAQ’s in detail,” says VP of Operations, Tyler DeSouza. “Our goal is to make transition to feminine clothing, or to a feminine lifestyle easier for new girls and offer great tips and tricks for seasoned T-Girls.”

Each Contributing Expert has a profile with credentials and photos:
Cici Kitten – Lifestyle, empowerment, and relevant issues like Coming out
Tyler DeSouza ? Expert Sizing advice, Fashion advice and Breast Form Selection
Katherine Hamilton ? Body Foundations, Corsets Tutorials, and Makeup tips
Joseph Porter – Deportment, Makeup, and Fashion Tips

Contributors and articles are added every month. The goal of the venture is to create a easy to use database for sharing knowledge, accommodating a community that values useful education and guidance concerning the most important areas that most confuse T-girls.
Suddenly Fem? hopes that along with this education and guidance, many girls will gain accompanying confidence and enjoyment in their day-to-day lives, or in their fantasy world. “Each Girl’s Journey is different,” says DeSouza, “and we hope to make the road to beauty and serenity a more effortless journey.”

About Suddenly Fem? – Suddenly Fem? is the largest fashion line for the M2F transgender community in the United States — and arguably the most stylish. Covering all aspects of trans fashion from edgy club wear to racy lingerie to expertly coordinated sets and collections, Suddenly Fem? is not just a retailer, but a designer and manufacturer of virtually every product in their mail order catalogs and online store. For more information on Suddenly Fem?, a division of Best Value Products, contact Tyler DeSouza at 215-694-1500 or via email.