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PRADA Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Runway Show

Check out the new PRADA Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear Runway Show

Exquisite, sophisticated and very urbane, most of the pieces in this collection are simply magnificent!

I love the skinny pants with the structured jackets and the platform shoes. The whole look is ethereal, young and chic. I?m not a tall guy so the shoes totally work for me, I could benefit from some extra inches in my height. -Extra inches are always welcome-.

I always feel fat and old when I see these sixteen year old, well-groomed, Twinkie-models on the runway shows. They look so great; the dorky urban vibe certainly suits them very well.

I?m not crazy about the oversized shorts and the colourful scrubs. It?s definitely a fashion statement but I found it bizarre and wacky, but hey, who am I to judge? The only criteria I have when it comes to clothes is a 50% discount. I?m not a fashion guru! I?m just an average homo with taste.

I must say the knitted sweaters are marvelous and the suits in grey colors are astonishing! The bags and the sunglasses accessorize the whole look with charm.

This collection is a perfect option for everyone and very wearable. PRADA makes refined and debonair clothes like nobody else