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Nude Male Model Causes Controversy with Fashion Week Orchestrators

MTCostello Photo by BigPictur

MTCostello’s live broadcast halted during the finale of Fashion Week.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.,?On February 19, 2015, MTCostello, designed by Michael and Stephanie Costello, unveiled their Fall/Winter 2015 collection in the Art Hearts Fashion showcase at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York. ?The presentation left the audience on the edge of their seats with its theatrics, including the continuation of the penis exploitation trend initiated by Rick Owens during Men’s Fashion Week Paris.

The nude model left spectators in awe as he strutted down the runway in a shimmering, crocodile printed cape, sporting nothing underneath but a golden jewel embezzled snake wrapped around his penis.

While there was never a display of full frontal nudity due to the placement of the model’s hand, IMG halted the live broadcast, pulled the footage from the internet and refuses to syndicate the video because of its controversial content.

The naked male model was not the only one who dared to bare in the MTCostello runway presentation. The showcase opened with a female model draped in a delicate lace cloak covered in nothing but beautifully decorated body paint, applied by artists of MehronCosmetics.

The entire Fall/Winter 2015 collection was inspired by exotic reptiles and swampy grasslands, featuring earth tones, faux skins and unique hemlines. The theatrical performance signified the shedding of skin to convey self confidence, revealing one’s inner animal.

MTCostello’s showstopping presentation brought never before seen moments to New York Fashion Week, unveiling to the world why they define themselves as, “Unapologetically breaking the rules, raising the bar and influencing the power of sex, love and rebellion.” The runway was not only used as a platform to present the new collection, but to express creative freedom and challenge boundaries imposed by conservatives in the American fashion industry.

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