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Lady GaGa Polaroid Glasses

Austin Carr from FAST COMPANY reports about the awesome new Lady GaGa polaroid glasses:

Of the many labels pegged to Lady Gaga–pop star, fashion icon, provocateur–here’s one title you might not expect to see on her r?sum?: creative director at Polaroid. The “Bad Romance” superstar teamed with the camera and eyeware company a while back, and at the Consumer Electronics Show on Thursday, we finally got to see the fruits of this unlikely collaboration.

As part of a new suite of products called Grey Label, Gaga and Polaroid unveiled a digital camera with a throwback design and, most impressively, a set of camera sunglasses with an embedded LCD display. The glasses (pictured) act as a wearable camera, and can snap pictures, be pre-loaded with slideshows and video, and are meant to enable real-time photo sharing.

The sunglasses are not the only product Gaga unveiled Thursday. Also showcased as part of Grey Label was a new Polaroid camera that is a throwback to its iconic designs of yore–a camera that brings to mind a time before the company’s infamous failed transition to the digital age.

Despite its look, the camera is digital, and brings together features that we used to love from Polaroid products: instant image printing with Zero Ink’s technology. But don’t think this is a company stuck trying to relive its glory days. This camera design has undergone a major overhaul, and now features a sleek underside with large LCD display.

I can’t wait to buy them, I’m going to be walking arround taking pictures all day long. little monsters are going to be so happy!