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Emporio Armani Men’s Collection Spring/Summer 2012

Magnificent collection, Great runway show! Emporio Armani shows a variety of pieces in this new collection that define a young and fresh man. The collection is very luxurious and sophisticated; it has an strong Mediterranean vibe.

The silhouettes are classic but the prints and the fabrics are very electric. Armani collection shows so many looks and so many options; The leather accessories are just amazing. The wide range of grey suits for the evening look are casual and yet very trendy.

Emporio Armani describes the new collection:

Lightness is the new essential quality of modernity, a lightness that derives from a continuous process of subtraction from the weight of fabrics and from traditional construction techniques.

The line is fluid, deconstructed and streamlined. Jackets are the stars of the collection, either with one button or one-and-a-half breasted, always with a narrower shoulder and a distinctive fit.

Trousers, styled with double darts, finish at the ankle.

The extra-lightweight consistency of the fabrics is emphasised by the interplay of layers that allows for unexpected combinations — for instance, a trench with a jacket, both in the same material, which could be a typical armani cr?pe or silk in a neutral colour given a faded effect.

The same finishes and distinctive treatments recur in every type of garment and material — even in the knitwear, the leather items and the accessories.

The signature quality of extreme lightness is also evident in the layered shirts, which are sometimes cut in a t-shirt shape and teamed with short blousons in matching fabric.

Presented in icy, neutral shades, or impeccable blue, this is a collection that uses a palette of neutral colours, only interrupted by small digital prints that are broken up and set on a diagonal. A hint of black is reserved for the evening, limited to trousers and jackets, which emphasise the pale hues of the shirts.

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