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Andrej Pejic Met The Queen Wearing A Versace Skirt

A group of Australian personalities got to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace, Among them were Hugh Jackman, Elle Macpherson and ?Femiman? supermodel Andrej Pejic. The model looked perfectly exquisite and comfortable in a Versace pencil skirt.

and if you were wondering about the entire outfit he wore to meet the Queen; NY MAG has the details:

When 20-year-old androgynous model Andrej Pejic met the Queen of England yesterday afternoon at Buckingham Palace, he chose a Paul Smith blazer, Issey Miyake shirt, vintage Versace pencil skirt, his mother’s vintage eighties belt, and Toni Bianco shoes. Pejic tell us his ensemble was inspired by “Sharon Stone, with a little bit nineties.” He continues: “I wanted to keep it chic and smart. I mixed a men’s blazer with a leather pencil skirt to achieve the look.”

The androgynous male model was recently spotted in London with his rumored boyfriend BB, The Daily Mail reports:

Andrej was joined by male model and former X Factor dancer BB on Tuesday night at The Markham Inn in Chelsea, London

There is speculation that the Bosnian-born model is dating Dirty Pretty Things star BB but Andrej, 20, has never spoken publicly about his sexuality.