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Wolfe Video brings Old Dogs to DVD!?

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Renowned Video Distributor Brings Hit Web Series to Home Video

Old Dogs & New Tricks has signed a licensing deal with LGBT film distributor Wolfe Video to release the comedy series on DVD and via various streaming platforms online.

The complete first two seasons will be available in one DVD package on Nov. 26, in time for Christmas shoppers, for $19.95. Bonus materials include bloopers and the documentary special “Is This Goodbye?”? Season 3, shooting next year, will be released later in 2014.

Wolfe is the oldest and largest exclusive distributor of gay and lesbian films in North America.

Old Dogs & New Tricks stars Leon Acord, Curt Bonnem, Jeffrey Patrick Olson & David Pevsner as four middle-aged gay friends in the middle of youth-obsessed West Hollywood. Written and created by Acord, the show reconvenes later this month for a Halloween special, and begins shooting its third season in early 2014.

“I’m thrilled the show will now reach a new audience that’s not online,” says Acord. “But I’m just as excited to be a part of Wolfe’s historic catalogue. They are a true friend of the LGBT filmmaker!”

The DVD is available for pre-order at?


?Old Dogs & New Tricks, the award-winning comedy web series about four middle-aged gay best friends in youth-obsessed West Hollywood, is coming to home video!? As the show is about to start production on its third season, Wolfe Video announced it will not only release the first two seasons on DVD, but also distribute them on line.

We spoke to Leon Acord, creator/writer and one of the show’s stars, about this amazing turn of events.

Most web series dream of getting a distribution deal, but few accomplish it. How did Old Dogs & New Tricks beat the odds to become the little show that could?

This was one of the few times that being a gay show worked to our advantage. Wolfe Video is the leading distributor of LGBT films and entertainment. And few shows are more gay than Old Dogs! So it seemed like a perfect fit.

How did you hook up with Wolfe?

While we were fundraising for Season 3, we were brainstorming about ways to work up revenue. My partner, Laurence Whiting, contacted Wolfe to see if they’d be interested in distributing the show on DVD. They contacted us just a few days later, saying they loved the show and not only wanted to distribute a DVD, but also to distribute it exclusively on line as well.

Since we didn’t feel comfortable asking donors to pay to watch the show, we reluctantly told them we had to wait until after the third season. But Wolfe was so enthusiastic, they said they’d give us access codes so our donors could watch the upcoming new episodes for free.? They literally made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

I’m thrilled the show will now reach a new audience that’s not online.? But I’m just as excited to be a part of Wolfe’s historic catalogue. They are a true friend of the LGBT filmmaker!

What does this mean for the show’s on-line life? Where will viewers watch, and how?

Our YouTube channel will still carry interviews and behind-the-scenes clips.? But by the end of the year, Old Dogs will start appearing on WolfeOnDemand, GayDirect, Hulu and other on-line platforms, as well as being broadcast in Canada on OUT TV.? And they will also carry our upcoming Halloween special and third season.? But you’ll also be able to watch the show on our website at OldDogsNewTricksTheSeries.com.

You had stated earlier that season three to be the show’s last. Does this mean the show might continue beyond three seasons?

It’s certainly possible.? Both Wolfe and OUT TV are interesting in continuing the show as long as it’s “sustainable.”? There’s also talk of a possible feature film when the series finally ends. But right now, we’re just focusing on shooting our next season, and will make plans from there.

The show also recently found itself the topic of gossip columns, speculating on behind-the-scenes “drama” surrounding recent cast changes What was that experience like?

That was an unpleasant experience, to say the least. The show has been, 99 percent of the time, a total joy. So it was really disturbing for someone to focus on that other 1 percent. Everyone else was like, “We’ve made it! Great for the show! There’s no such thing as bad publicity!”? But I’m from the school of, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”? At least not publicly.? I guess it comes with the territory. I’d rather just ignore it.

What’s ahead for the show in its Halloween special and third season?

The Halloween special will wrap up the loose ends from the Season 2 finale, and set the stage for the third season, in which the dogs find themselves facing circumstances that force them to grow up a bit.? Ian Buchanan is returning for several episodes as Christoph, plus we have new guest stars like Kathryn Leigh Scott (“Dark Shadows”) and Gloria Gifford (This is Spinal Tap). We’re shooting the special next week, and the season beginning in the spring.

What would you say to other web series producers who see you as one who “made it”?

Stay true to your story. Don’t try to please everyone, please yourself as a story teller. Find your niche and explore it fully.? And try always to work with the best actors and crew you can find!

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