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Watch Mr Gay World 2014 Grand Finale on Saturday 30 August

Mr Gay World 2014

Saturday 30 August it all comes to an end; the new Mr Gay World is going to receive his sash and trophy at the Mr Gay World 2014 Grand Finale at Gay Village in Rome, Italy.

It you are not able to be present in the eternal city, you can follow the Grand Finale online at a free live feed at?MrGayMedia.

This year’s competition has proven itself to be a tougher challenge than anticipated. Called the “toughest job interview in the world”, the number of delegates has now decreased from 32 to 23.

All roads do not lead to Rome, at least if you are gay. The Mr Gay World organization and the local Executive Producers have addressed the Italian office of Foreign affairs as they feel that the delegates that needed visa have been treated poorly and with no respect, even have experienced a hostile environment at the Italian embassies and consulates.

The delegates that made it to Rome have been through a rough but adventures week, they have felt the heat, both from the Italian sun but also from the competition.

There has been time for a day at the beach, sightseeing and a special visit to both the Coliseum and the City Council of Rome where there the delegates met with the Vice Mayor of Rome. The delegates are judged by their performances in challenges like job interview, photo session, written test, swimwear and sports.

To read more about Mr Gay World, please go to?www.mrgayworld.com

The live feed?opens just before the show starts on Saturday 30 August at 10.00 PM?

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