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Trolley Dolly Brings the Holly Jolly to NYC In ?Pam Ann?s Christmas In Downton Galley?

Pam Ann

Ten Hilariously Festive Shows at The Triad NYC

Airhostess Pam Ann returns to The Triad Theatre this holiday season for an evening of raucous fun and downright politically incorrect hilarity! In Pam Ann?s Christmas In Downton Galley, no subject is off limits: from Isis to race relations, religion to flight disasters. ?Pam Ann even dives head first into the recent terror attacks in Paris, mimicking Islamic jihadists sneaking through airport security. It?s not all heavy news commentary, though! ?The show includes a spoof episode of Downton Abbey where the 19th century English aristocrats are given a real reason to raise their eyebrows when they are visited by the trolley dolly and casually corrupted with talk of sex and cocaine. Pam Ann?s Christmas In Downton Galley crash lands into New York City for ten hilarious shows at the Triad Theater (158 West 72nd St): December 15 ? January 14. Tickets available online at triadnyc.com.

?It?s lovely to be back in New York City for the holidays,? says Pam Ann. ??Unfortunately, I?m not exactly here by choice,? she reveals. ?I?m currently banned from all western airports, pending investigation.

?They say if you see something, say something,? she explains. ?I saw a black guy, 6?8?, smelled like weed, wearing low-riding denim jeans, running through the terminal with a thick gold chain and a plaque that read ISIS hanging from it! ?So I kicked him in the wanker with my Louboutins. ?Nearly broke a heel!

?Turns out they were $$$$ signs on his chain and now I?m in the crapper for racial profiling.?

Hilarious, often shocking and always politically incorrect, Pam Ann keeps things lively and nail bitingly unpredictable in Pam Ann?s Christmas In Downton Galley, delivering an unrelenting barrage of ?shoot-from-the-lip? observations. ? She spreads good cheer, regaling audiences with stories of cocaine-fuelled parties with Hollywood A-listers, wild sex with black and Arab men, and encounters with real life cabin crew moonlighting as prostitutes. ?Her material isn?t merely for shock-value, but rather to make pointed reflections about people?s own prejudices.

Pam Ann spent this past fall traveling the UK with her show, performing a six-week run at London?s Leicester Square Theatre, followed by shows in Belfast, Dublin, Brighton, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Jersey, Liverpool and Glasgow.

A reviewer for The London Theatre gave her performance four stars, calling Pam Ann ?a superb entertainer that gets the audience in the palm of her hand from the start and doesn?t let them go until she has made them immensely happy to see her.?

A theatre reviewer at The Jersey Evening Post wrote, ?I can honestly say I struggle to remember the last time a stand-up show made me laugh quite as much.?

Pam Ann is the alter ego of Australian comic Caroline Reid. ? Reid has been donning the trolley dolly uniform and offending audiences with her caustic style of humor for over 20 years. She has toured with Cher and crewed private jets for Elton John and been featured in advertising campaigns for British Airways and Sky Team.

Her entire shtick revolves around pretending to be an air stewardess. ?In her unashamedly X-rated performances, she pokes fun at air travel, identifying the individual quirks of some of the biggest international airlines (and their stereotypes) and mixing in a generous dose of camp, humor and glamour. ? Passengers embark on a journey from security check-in to boarding to landing.

In Australia, Pam Ann starred in her own television talk show, ?The Pam Ann Show? on the national Foxtel channel. She also hosted Australia?s live broadcast of Mardi Gras that aired in over two million households. ? Even Madonna is a fan, describing Pam as ?cruelly funny?.

Pam Ann?s concert DVDs, Come Fly With Me and Pam Ann Nonstop: Live from New York City are available on Amazon.com. Pam Ann also has a travel app on iTunes.

Advance tickets for Pam Ann?s Christmas In Downton Galley are available now at triadnyc.com. ?Or call 1 (888) 596-1027. ?For more information on Pam Ann, visit her website at PamAnn.com.?

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