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The Internationally Beloved Air Hostess To The Stars ‘Pam Ann’

In anticipation of our exclusive interview with Glamorous, hilarious and outrageous air hostess Pam Ann we would like you to know a bit more her.

Pam Ann is the comic creation of Australian comedian Caroline Reid. An emerging icon in gay culture, she portrays the air-hostess Pam Ann, a mixture of comedy, camp and glamour, and a pun on the legendary airline Pan Am.

Performances tend to emphasise the vagaries of air travel, including the identifying quirks of various airlines around the world, mixed with a generous dose of ribald humour and double entendre.

Pam has developed a cult-like international following for her hilarious shows and riotous repartee. In the vein of Dame Edna, Lilly Tomlin, Tracey Ullman Caroline Reid brings her own blend of comedy to the screen and to live audiences across the globe.

Reid has performed with Cher on her arena tour of the UK including Wembley, MEN, NEC to capacity audiences of 14,000 on one night alone. Caroline has also performed for breast cancer charity event Tickled Pink at the Royal Albert Hall which was also broadcast as a special on ITV.

In Australia, Pam Ann starred in her own television talk show, The Pam Ann Show on the national Foxtel comedy channel. She also hosted Australia?s live broadcast of Mardi Gras 2009, airing in over 2 million households. She also appeared on the TV shows Project Runway UK and Britain?s Next Top Model.

In the brand new one-woman show, ?I Wanted to Be An Olympic Figure Skater?, Caroline Reid performs her first live show as her true self. Written by the comedian, the show details Reid?s real life journey through childhood down under: from her first job selling meat to getting caught shoplifting ? all the while dreaming of one day competing for Olympic gold.

Caroline Reid will bring her show ?I Wanted to Be An Olympic Figure Skater? to New York October 28th at 11:30pm at Joe?s Pub (425 Lafayette Street,NYC).

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