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The Gay Casanova is back in ?Benedetto Casanova: The Roman Diaries??

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Casanova?s Gay brother is back

Just in time for the HOLIDAYS!!

Marten Weber?s new novel

?Benedetto Casanova: The Roman Diaries?

continues? the adventure of Benedetto Casanova & promises to keep you up ? all night

Based on the character in Weber?s bestselling book, ?Benedetto Casanova?. Which

won the 2011 Rainbow Books Award for “Best LGBT Historical” book.

(Los Angeles, CA) December 2013 – Marten Weber?s new novel ?Benedetto Casanova: The Roman Diaries? (available in kindle and book) is the continuation of the bestsellingbook, Benedetto Casanova, and the sexualadventures of Casanova?s, gay brother,Benedetto.

After following the famous Giacomo Casanova through Europe for ten years, Giacomo?s gay brother Benedetto has settled down in Rome with his German lover. But the Eternal City bores him. He has no work and no friends. His lover is always busy and away on assignments for the Vatican secret service. Alone in a big new house, he is desperate for distraction.

Just when idleness and unfulfilled lust threaten to get the better of Benedetto, his lover Carl Anton accepts an exciting secret mission to Portugal.

Preparations for the long journey are in full swing when the head of the mission, a young priest, disappears, and the mutilated bodies of two young men are found. The couple is thrown into an adventure which tests their love like none before.

Weber spent years researching life in Rome in the 18th century and in the second book of the Benedetto Casanova cycle delivers both a fascinating and accurate portrait of the city and a riveting tale of love, madness, danger and devotion.

Author, Marten Weber won a 2011 Rainbow Award in the category “Best LGBT Historical Novel” for his well-received portrait of Casanova’s gay brother ?Benedetto Casanova?.

Weber is an openly gay man who lives a romantic live with his husband in Europe and Asia. He has published two story collections (?Hoppa? and ?A Stranger in Triva?); a comic novella telling us about America?s first gay wedding (?The Unbelievably Curious Case of Jeremiah Hudgejaw?); his acclaimed 2010 debut novel ?Shayno?, the story of a erotically charged and ultimately doomed friendship across the gay-straight divide; and his award-winning book ?Benedetto Casanova.?

Last year Weber?s 2012 novel BODENSEE was a best seller ranked #1 on Americans Amazon.com’s Kindle books.

Weber is now a vocal gay activism voice on Huffington Post. His column has created many conversations with in the gay community. Column Link: www.huffingtonpost.com/martenweber/

Benedetto Casanova The Roman Diaries



Get the book out on Kindle now: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00H7FW2IE/

For more info go to: www.martenweber.com

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Title: Benedetto Casanova: The Roman Diaries

Publication Date: ?Dec 2013

Page Count: 452

Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 6″ x 9″

Language: English

Color: Black and White

Related Categories: Romance/Gay

Cost: $19.99??????


Author Marten Weber chats to Jasper Cole about his new book

‘Benedetto Casanova: The Roman Diaries ”

Praise for LGBT author, Marten Weber:

The writing is great–historical and erotic–with lots of history, laughs, and adventures. For those who like deep dish, there are plenty of anecdotes about naughty twins, misbehaving cardinals, and all manner of encounters. —“The Reader”

Alternately a story of love, espionage, travel and a diary of sexual encounters, “Benedetto Casanova” will keep the reader entertained and engaged. –Philadelphia Gay News

Whether you love historical novels, gay erotica or heartstopping adventure, you’re sure to enjoy BernedettoCasanova: The Memoirs, a novel that deftly combines all three genres into one often-hilarious page-turner.? –Gaylist Reviews

“Marten Weber is the most versatile voice in modern gay fiction, at once shockingly realistic and wonderfully entertaining.” –Echelon Magazine

A wonderful journey to a world gone by, the worship of the perfect male form, of love and lust and their intermingling. –The Queer Chronicle