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Sweden wins Mr Gay Europe 2014?


Jack Johansson (20) from Sweden is the new Mr Gay Europe

The Mr Gay Europe competition is known as ?the hardest job interview in Europe? and consists of 12 different challenges. Although being the youngest delegate this year, the Swede was among top 4 in all challenges where there were ratings, and he was among the finalists in the talent challenge.

Top 5 Mr Gay Europe 2014
Jack Johansson (20), Sweden – Winner and title-holder Mr Gay Europe 2014
Robert Prolic (23), Austria, 1st runner-up
Stuart Hatton Jr (29), United Kingdom, 2nd runner-up
Christian-Sebastian Laurtisen (22), Denmark, 4th place
Nick Flanagan, (22), Northern Ireland, 5th place

This year?s finale was the 9th since the competition was organised for the first time in Oslo in 2005. Oslo, Amsterdam, Budapest, Bucharest/Poiana Brasov, Rome and Prague have hosted the event and this year the competition took place during a tour through Austria, from Vienna to Bregenz and at the Festspielhaus Bregenz where the Grand Finale took place this weekend.

For the first time the Mr Gay Europe final was organised as a tour throughout the hosting country. The 15 delegates that made it to the European final travelled from Vienna where they were hosted?at The Hotel 1060 Vienna and Wien Tourismus, to Grand Hotel Europa in Innsbruck where the talent show took place in the impressive Barocksaal.

Later in the Swarovski Kristallwelten the delegates took part in a very special fashion show with the designer? Markus Spatzier and his brand Manufaktur Herzblut. After some hectic days on the road the delegates checked in at?Aqua Dome Tirol Therme L?ngenfeld for some serious relaxation and the swim wear challenge in hot wear from Barcode Berlin.

In Bregenz, the final stop of the tour the delegates took part in the art challenge in Kunsthaus Bregenz, the photo challenge photographed in the clothes from 4Hunks in Festspielhaus Bregenz and finally it was time for the big event the Grand Finale at the main stage at the Festspielhaus.

The show was broadcasted on live feed all over the world. At the end Jack from Sweden was the last man standing, and now awaits several projects, meetings with politicians and organisations and visits to different Prides around Europe in the year to come.

Mr Gay Europe 2014 Jack Johansson (20) studies at Balettakademien (academy of ballet) to become a professional musical theater artist. He also freelances as a waiter, musical theater artist, dancer, director, choreographer and producer. He is blond, has blue eyes and is 179 cm tall.

When asked on the registration form for the competition why he should win he wrote:???When I got secretly nominated for Mr. Gay Sweden, I decided to participate and make it a summer adventure as I had work the whole summer. And when I won, I realized that a lot of people, especially young boys, saw me as a role model – to be a role model for boys and girls who don?t really know who they are, and to be able to guide them through their hard times has been a true privilege. I have received a lot of mail varying from young boys needing guiding to old men needing acceptance. I want to be selected to become Mr Gay Europe to have a chance to continue being this role model, and take my actions of helping others to a higher level. To continue be a person that not openly gay people can rely on, but everyone.?

MGE President: Tore Aasheim, Editor-in-Chief and Human Rights activst, Norway
MGE 2014 Executive Producer: Nouba-Events, Schweiz

For more information about the competition, please go to?WWW.MRGAYEUROPE.COM, where you will find articles and videos from the tour in Austria and details on the results.

Photo Credit: Beate A Tecza/MrGayEurope.com.

Mr Gay Europe 2014 Swimwear

Mr Gay Eeurope 2014 Fashion