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Sexy?s Back on Old Dogs & New Tricks’ Latest Episode ?To Have & Have Not?

Muscles and Lucas

Love, sex and work are the focus Old Dogs & New Tricks? latest episode, ?To Have & Have Not,? now playing at http://youtu.be/qhpwPnJIdIE!

Romance is in the air for Nathan and Muscles (Leon Acord, Jeffrey Patrick Olson), as they bond with their respective new boyfriends, Jake and Lucas (Curtis Wayne Brown, Dan Oliverio).

Ironically, resident horn-dog Brad (Curt Bonnem) is too busy to get laid. He?s throwing himself into a job search with less than spectacular results.? How does a man with 25 years of no experience get a job?

Meanwhile, on the set of his new TV movie, Ross (David Pevsner) is trying not to bond with his new co-star, Tanya Dickson (special guest star Marisa Petroro).? Seems Tanya has the hots for Ross, and she?s not the kind of girl who takes ?no? for an answer!

?Marisa was a great sport,? says Leon.? ?Her second scene with Ross is one of the funniest scenes of the series!?

?David Pevsner was such a joy to work with,? says guest star Petroro. ?We put our modesty aside, dove into the scene and had a blast. It was hot, it was sweaty, it was fast? and then my nightie ripped. I knew in that moment, we had something really fun for the audience.?

?To Have & Have Not? is directed by Stephen Curtis. The series returns next Wednesday with its fifth new episode, ?Ginger Snaps,? also directed by Curtis.

Watch Old Dogs & New Tricks episode 3.4??To Have & Have Not?

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