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Sex Tape & an Earthquake in Old Dogs & New Tricks? Latest Episode!

Brad on the Throne Old Dogs & New Tricks is ?Putting the ?X? in X?mas? in their latest episode.? Watch it at http://youtu.be/5mK-zS-HH8s. Remember that happy-ending massage Ross (David Pevsner) had in the season premiere (which the masseur video-taped)?? Well, the tape has not only gone public, but it?s going viral ? just in time to ruin Ross? comeback on Lifetime TV! Nathan (Leon Acord) leaps into action, and calls in ?PR guru? Dan Karmel (Jeffrey Scott Basham) to handle the crisis. But Dan has very novel ideas about how to handle the scandal. ?I?m here to promote, not protect,? he says. Meanwhile:

  • Brad (Curt Bonnem) puts the ?ho? in ?Ho Ho Ho!? when makes attempts another job ? this time as a department store Santa Claus!
  • Muscles (Jeffrey Patrick Olson) runs into Lucas and his plus-size boyfriend (Dan Oliverio, Dexter Mayfield).
  • Lydia (Amanda Gari) and Barbara (special guest star Rutanya Alda) continue to wage their turf war at AVE Talent, while Nathan & Nelson (special guest star Bruce L. Hart) develop a peculiar working relationship.

And if that?s not enough, an earthquake shakes West Hollywood in this episode! ?Nathan and Nelson together in the board room? I always wondered what would happen if those two were forced to work together,? says audience favorite Hart. ?Sparks flew between the characters but we didn?t burn the place down! I love my scenes with Leon. We always have fun!? ?Putting the ?X? in X?mas? is directed by John Cleland.? The series returns next week with its penultimate episode of the third season, ?All About (X?mas) Eve? directed by Arvin Bautista.

Watch Old Dogs & New Tricks episode 3.6 ‘Putting the ?X? in X?mas’






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