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Q&A with Old Dogs & New Tricks? David Pevsner?


After two seasons of spectacular unemployment as an actor, Old Dogs & New Tricks? Ross Stein (played by actor David Pevsner) is on the verge of a professional comeback, starring in an upcoming Lifetime made-for-TV movie.? Alas, as a video of Ross receiving a ?happy-ending? massage goes viral (taped without his knowledge, natch), he is forced out of the closet?and his new-found success is on the verge of collapse.

As if that?s not enough, he?s also embroiled in a bitter gay divorce with ex Neal (Parnell Damone Marcano)!

By contrast, the actor who plays Ross ? musical theatre and TV veteran David Pevsner ? is nothing like his on-screen character. Single and secure, out and proud, Pevsner has some explicit images of his own on the internet. Unlike Ross, he?s not shy about it!

We spoke to Pevsner about his busy season on the web series, his other projects, and how he differs from his alter ego.

Ross is apoplectic over his sex tape going public.? Have you ever had a professional backlash for being so open about your sexuality?? Or has it been good for your career?

Honestly, I have no idea. No one has ever said to my face, hey, you’re out, you’re naked on the internet…no jobs for you, buddy!? It’s possible that some opportunities have gone by the wayside that I don’t know about, because I am so open and always have been.? I just can’t speculate on that.? I live my life as authentically as I can, and there are some beliefs that I have about being out and shameless ? the name of my blog, by the way [http://realguyla.tumblr.com] ? and proud of who I am and what I do.? Does that take me out of the running for certain gigs? Probably.? Will it put me in the market for other more interesting possibilities?? I think yes.? I love my work as an actor and writer, but there are other artistic pursuits that have become important to me as well.? I believe I can pursue them all and have a very fulfilling career. We shall see.

?PR guru? Dan Karmel (Jeffrey Scott Basham) seems to have more than just a professional interest in Ross.? Is Ross going to get a ?new trick? of his own before the season ends?

(He mimes zipping his lips shut.)

Regarding Ross? split from Neal.? Ross seems to have gone from sadness last season, to anger this season.? Was that a conscious choice?

Yes.? I think when a character sits in sadness, there’s nothing to watch unless we see the struggle to get out of it. I’m glad that Ross got his anger on this year, because it motivates him to get out and really act (both in life and in his career) rather than be a big ol’ bag of boo-boo.? So much more fun to play how his anger and frustration motivates him to live again.

What advice would David Pevsner give Ross Stein?

Own it, baby. Own it all.

Your scenes with Marisa Petroro (?Tanya Dickson?) were hilarious. What were they like to film?? You two looked like you were having a great time!

I. Loved. Her.? So much fun to play with, so sexy, and so willing to jump in and try things.? We did not have a lot of time to create this little conflict-war-flirtation thing, and she was a champ.

What?s ahead for David Pevsner?

A lot, I hope.? I’m almost done recording the first CD of my songs called “Shameless” (like the blog!) and it’s a lot of very funny, kinda filthy, but also heartfelt material that I’ve written over the last few years.? Mostly me and a piano, but I have some special guest partners (including my pal Jim J. Bullock who sings great and is truly hysterical) and I think it’s going to be a really audacious musical/comedy album.? Should be available early next year on iTunes, Amazon, etc.?? I’m also going to do my one man musical “Musical Comedy Whore” ASAP…we were scheduled to do it in November in LA, but got postponed.? It’s a pretty revealing true life story, but something that I think audiences identify with.? I did it last year in Palm Springs and it went very well…really honest, really fun.? Finally, I wrote a film called “MY GFF (My Gay Film Festival)” which is ten short films to be directed by ten different directors, each one a different genre…comedy, musical, animated, documentary, porn (!), a bunch of fun stuff. We’re gathering talent for it right now.? It’s really my dream project, so…here’s hoping the money comes through.? Feel free to send a check.? Other than that, I’m in a bunch of films making the festival rounds, including Waiting in the Wings: The Musical, “Mia“, “O-Star“, The Playful Coach, and Woof, and 8 episodes of another web series called The Disorganized Zone with Judy Norton…coming soon!

Are you up for a fourth season?

Twist my arm.

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