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Q & A with Old Dogs & New Tricks? Amanda Gari

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Actress/singer Amanda Gari knows how to make the most out of limited screen time!

Following a handful of appearances in the first two seasons of the popular web series Old Dogs & New Tricks, Lydia?s role in the show is expanded in its third season.? Not only does Lydia appear in a majority of the season?s episodes, she now has both a boyfriend (played by Andy Gates), and an arch nemesis, Nelson?s personal assistant Barbara (played by Rutyana Alda), with whom she spares in today?s new episode, ?Ginger Snaps? [watch it at http://youtu.be/Nx_Zl3qT_Hc].

We sat down with Amanda to discuss her enlarged role in the new season!

Your fans spoke, and apparently Leon listened. Lydia appears in 6 of the 8 new episodes this season.? How does that feel?

Spectacular! I understand that the plot revolves around the guys, but I feel I have a lot of emotional and comical support to give!

Lydia also has a new boyfriend this year, played by Andy Gates, whom we met in the Thanksgiving episode.? Will we see more of the two of you together?

I certainly hope so! Andy is a doll and we have great chemistry! (He also gives good massages between takes.)

Were you involved at all in Andy?s casting?

No. Leon knew him, said ?this is who we have in mind,? and I nearly tripped over my keyboard saying ?yes!?

It looks like you also got an ?arch nemesis? this season, in Nelson?s personal assistant Barbara Fierce [played by Rutanya Alda].? Will we see any more run-ins between you two?

I?m sure ? we have ENDLESS things to disagree on ? LOL! It was SO much fun in a bitchy Dynasty sort of way!

What?s your favorite moment this season?

It was a tender goodbye with Nathan at the bar. I haven?t seen it yet, but I FELT it was really good in my heart.

You and Leon are good friends?he said he created the role of Lydia for you.? What?s that like, and what?s it like working together?

It was so gratifying to have that knowledge. Like most actors, I have to audition for everything, and it was nice to be able to relax into the moment, knowing that someone already had that kind of confidence in your talent. It is great to work together ? I love Leon, and between takes, we could be having a heart-to-heart conversation or be absolutely filthy ? and it?s all good!

What else is Amanda Gari up to these days?

I am always working on my club act, pulling together new material. Hopefully, I will be hitting the cabaret scene again soon with my fabulous accompanist Andy Howe. In the meantime, I?m on Tinder while searching my mailbox for residuals.

Season 4.? Do you think it will happen?

It has to. I know too much?.

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