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People you Know Launches Kickstarter to Fund New Episodes?

People you Know

New York, NY??People you Know?? the break out hit new media series ? is back and ready to finish the first season. The series will ramp up the drama as the Saints and Sinners learn hard truths about love, friendship and life in the Big Apple. OW Productions will begin filming the 7 remaining episodes of the season on location in New York City in June.

Hailed by The Advocate as “a fast paced and salacious drama,??People you Know?is a dark and sexy dramedy that chronicles the lives of a group of gay friends, mostly coupled up, who work and play together in New York City. The popularity of the first six episodes led to a distribution deal with HereTV, making it possible to reach more viewers.

“Kickstarter is a great resource for independent and original content. Since we were so successful in our last campaign, we are using that platform again,”?People you Know?co-creator John Dylan DeLaTorre said. “Creators can reach and cultivate an audience that is just as passionate about the characters and narrative as we are. We have been lucky to connect with the viewers in a way that is truly remarkable. We?ve heard from the fans and know they want to see more. We are very excited to continue telling our story.?

OW Productions is looking to raise $75,000 in order to film Season One, Part Two. This will allow for enough funds to secure camera equipment, pay for locations, crew and cast.

To learn more about?People you Know?and plans for the new episodes, head?here?to check out the Kickstarter campaign.

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People you Know?is a half hour, open-ended drama series that presents a multilayered story with direct consequences for each character. It is a provocative primetime drama set in the fast-paced world of New York City. It tells the story about a circle of friends, family and ex-lovers, gay & straight. The plots center on sex, love, betrayal, and greed, any of which can lead to a character?s undoing. Far more than just a soap, the series challenges stereotypes and breaks new ground. The show weaves throughout its story lines larger, universal themes about the human condition, the nature of cultural identity and gender norms.


Orchard Winfield Productions, founded in 2011 by John Dylan DeLaTorre and Baltimore Russell, is committed to creating new media work that reflects our changing society and provides the resources for up and coming filmmakers to bring a vision to reality. OW Productions aims to promote new media that engages and challenges an audience to evaluate their own beliefs. By exploring the underlying human condition with a fresh perspective, we are able to open new insights into our common humanity.