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People you Know Mid-Season Finale Teaser?

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New York, NY?Orchard Winfield Productions (OW Productions) wraps up the first half of their new series?People You Know?on August 25. The mid-season finale episode is available for $2.99 on the series website (www.peopleyouknowtheseries.com) through the Vimeo On Demand service. For those who ?binge watch? series all six episodes of season one, part one are available for $15.99.

In episode six,?Let?s Do Brunch,?Mia plans a birthday brunch for Jenna at Patrick’s apartment. Brady seeks comfort from Lucas who brings an obnoxious guest to stir up some trouble. Brunch turns into an alcoholic binge as an ultimatum is given between the groups. Steve Hayes from?Trick?and?Big Gay Musical?returns as Patrick to host the birthday brunch. Will the two sides be able to set aside their differences and reconcile? Will Monty and Lucas get back together? Or will Lucas sabotage his happiness yet again? All these answers, plus more will be revealed in the mid-season finale.

?The overarching storyline of these six episodes is whether a family of friends can stay together when the center falls out,? Co-Creator Baltimore Russell says. ?Or more importantly, should they stay together at all??

?We will answer this question, but set up each character?s individual storylines in this episode,? John Dylan DeLaTorre, Co-Creator says. ?What is so great about the series is that each character will get a chance to reveal their sin and how it affects everyone is quite exciting.?

OW Productions will resume production of the final 7 episodes of season one in early fall.?People you Know?is available for streaming and for purchase now through the series website with various VOD platforms to be announced.

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Next On People you Know Episode 6 from OW Productions on Vimeo.


People you Know?is a half hour, open-ended drama series that presents a multilayered story with direct consequences for each character. It is a provocative primetime drama set in the fast-paced world of New York City. It tells the story about a circle of friends, family and ex-lovers, gay & straight. The plots center on sex, love, betrayal, and greed, any of which can lead to a character?s undoing. Far more than just a soap, the series challenges stereotypes and breaks new ground. The show weaves throughout its story lines larger, universal themes about the human condition, the nature of cultural identity and gender norms.


Orchard Winfield Productions, founded in 2011 by John Dylan DeLaTorre and Baltimore Russell, is committed to creating new media work that reflects our changing society and provides the resources for up and coming filmmakers to bring a vision to reality. OW Productions aims to promote new media that engages and challenges an audience to evaluate their own beliefs. By exploring the underlying human condition with a fresh perspective, we are able to open new insights into our common humanity.