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The Pack is Back: Web Series Old Dogs & New Tricks Returns for Third Season!

Old Dogs & New Tricks Season 3

Popular web series Old Dogs & New Tricks returns Wed., Nov. 12 with its third season premiere, featuring special guest star Mo Gaffney (Absolutely Fabulous) at?http://youtu.be/KpNH4wWuggY.

Entitled ?Fortunes Flip,? today?s premiere is the first of eight new episodes this season, which will post every Wednesday at www.ODNT.tv.

Picking up two weeks after the events of ODNT?s mini-movie/Halloween special ?WeHo Horror Story,? the comedy continues the stories of four middle-aged, gay best friends living in youth-obsessed West Hollywood. The principal cast of Leon Acord, Curt Bonnem, Jeffrey Patrick Olson & David Pevsner?return for another season of fun, friendship and healthy doses of sex. ?Amanda Gari also returns as audience favorite ?Lydia Lasker? in an expanded role.

?I couldn?t be prouder of the show this season,? smiles series creator/writer/star Leon Acord. ?The cast and crew really brought their ?A game? and the show looks amazing.?

In the premiere, we learn Nathan, devastated by Damian?s departure, has taken to his bed?until the guys arrive to deliver some tough love.? Muscles tries to flirt with a gym bunny.? Brad receives bad financial news from his accountant.? And Ross meets with his divorce lawyer, played by guest star Gaffney, who raved about her experience on the show.

?What a fun, fabulous experience,? says Gaffney. ??Working with the ODNT people was sheer joy,? she says. ?I highly recommend it! Plus, they had above-average snacks.?

Future guest stars this season include Rutanya Alda (Mommie Dearest), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Dark Shadows) and Jim J. Bullock (Too Close for Comfort).?Bruce L. Hart also returns for three episodes as the resident villain, ?Nelson Van Eddy.?

What can viewers expect this season? Acord teases that there will be a sex-tape scandal, a ?chubby chaser,? a gay divorce, a surprising new partnership, a new villainess, a professional comeback for one of the characters and a financial crisis for another, and new love interests all around, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

?If season 2 was a souffl?, season 3 is a rich, sweet pound cake.? Episodes run a bit longer, between 10-12 minutes. This season is very story-driven, and delves into the guys? professional lives as well as their love lives.?

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Muscles Tries to Flirt

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Ross Gets a Massage

Nathan is Depressed

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