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Old Dogs & New Tricks Wraps Up its Third Season with ?Homo for the Holidays?!

Ross and Dan

Old Dogs & New Tricks‘ wraps up its third season today with ?Homo for the Holidays,? a bombastic 15-minute season finale set on Christmas Day, featuring special guest stars Kathryn Leigh Scott (Dark Shadows), Rutanya Alda (Mommie Dearest) and Bruce L. Hart. ?Watch at http://youtu.be/K0FZmSthCu8

With Damian?s number in his phone, and following a humiliating hookup with a young bartender, Nathan (Leon Acord) is a wreck. As in previous season finales, he seeks support from a therapist. But ?currently between shrinks,? Nathan speaks to an operator on the WeHo Crisis Hotline. In the wee hours of Christmas morning, the phone counselor (Wenzel Jones) is in no mood to hear about ?boy troubles?!? So Nathan has to ?man up.? Should he confess his indiscretion to Jake (Curtis Wayne Brown) or keep his mouth shut?? Should he ignore Damian?s recent ?olive branch,? or call his former boy-toy lover?


  • Muscles (Jeffrey Patrick Olson) spends Christmas snowbound in Ohio with parents Ralph & Lillianne Carter (Carl Moebus, special guest star Scott). Cabin fever is setting in as Mother confronts Son. It seems Lillianne can read Muscles like a book. (?You?re the only mother in the world to out her own son,? Muscles notes.) So that?s where Muscles gets his big heart and his youthful good looks! She wants to know his real reasons for coming home–then offers profound advice.
  • New tabloid-sensation Ross (David Pevsner) spends Christmas evening ?in seclusion,? nestled in front of the fireplace with publicist Dan (Jeffrey Scott Basham). It seems like a happy ending at long-last for the much beleaguered actor?a return to the professional spotlight and promising personal developments! That is, until a knock at the front door changes everything.
  • Having hit at ?rock bottom,? Brad (Curt Bonnem) is spending Christmas in a stoned stupor. But a surprise visit from an unlikely ?Christmas angel? offers the washed-up rocker an unexpected shot at redemption, and a chance to do what he was ?put on Earth to do.? But there is a catch!

But wait! The season can?t end without another ?dogfight/smackdown? between Nathan and Nelson (special guest Hart) ? and this time, blood is drawn! Writer/creator Acord promises a finale that will make folks ?laugh and cry?, plus a cliffhanger that ?will kick the viewer?s ass as the end credits roll!?

But the real cliffhanger may be the future of the show. Will there be a fourth season?? Acord isn?t committing or commenting yet, but hopes to make an ?announcement? soon.?

?Homo for the Holidays? is directed by series? producer/supervising editor Arvin Bautista.

Watch Old Dogs & New Tricks episode 3.8 ?Homo for the Holidays?






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Nathan and Jake

Muscles and Mom

Brad is rescued

Kathryn Leigh Scott as Muscles' Mom

Ross Torn between Jake and Neal

Rutanya Alda as Barbara and Bruce L. Hart as Nelson