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Old Dogs & New Tricks: Leon Acord confirms series return, if…

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Leon Acord, David Pevsner, Bruce L. Hart, Curt Bonnem, Amanda Gari & Jeffrey Patrick Olson

The gang from the award-winning gay digital TV comedy series Old Dogs & New Tricks will return for a fourth season, confirms show’s creator Leon Acord, if they can raise the funds via GoFundMe.com/ODNTs4

The 53-year-old gay actor/writer, who stars as neurotic talent agent Nathan Adler, also states the forthcoming five-episode season of the West Hollywood-based comedy about four middle-aged gay best friends would “absolutely, positively” be its last. 

“I thought we’d already said goodbye last year, with our special celebrating marriage equality, ‘Where Were YOU When the RIGHTS Went ON?'” Acord says. “It was a very good show, and we left the characters in a great place. But now it feels ancient. We’ve gone from giddy-over-gay-marriage to traumatized-by-Trump.”

[Watch their new fundraising teaser at https://youtu.bRaine/51WtMk8Vr8I

Acord says that fan reaction is another reason for the revival. “So many told me they need some comedy, some comfort, that we have a responsibility to continue to represent LGBT in positive ways during this unnerving time in our history.”

The show also received an unexpected boost in popularity this past December, an indirect result of Acord’s very public dust-up with Brady Bunch‘s Susan Olsen. Acord called out the former child star-turned-radio personality on social media for her pro-Trump views after appearing on her radio show. The former child star countered with an email in which she called Acord a “[email protected]” (among other insults). Acord posted her email on Facebook. Olsen was fired and the story went viral.

Still, despite the change in the country’s political temperature, viewer demand and new-found interest in the show, Acord was hesitant.

“We created our Go Fund Me page months ago, but I wanted to wait until after all the campaign furor cleared to begin fundraising. Ha! The election turned out as it did, and online outrage is now louder than ever!”

While last year’s special flash-backed to show “the boys” on that historic summer day in 2015 when marriage equality became law, the series will jump ahead to present day when it returns. 

Acord hints the final five-episode season will reflect the current state of the country, and the anxiety in the LGBTQ community, “without becoming heavy or preachy.” We’ll learn Nathan is suffering from nightmares, Muscles has been inspired to volunteer for Southern Poverty Law Center, Brad was asked to perform at Trump’s Inauguration, and that one character even voted for Trump, among other revelations. 

“But we’re still basically be the same show we’ve always been, about four middle-aged friends struggling with work and relationships and helping each other grow up. But this time, we’ll finally see some real growth, as we sign off with a suitable series finale.

However, the final season is still “tentative” until producers raise sufficient funds. To contribute, please visit GoFundMe.com/ODNTs4. To watch the previous three seasons of the series, visit odnt.tv .

ODNT Cast No Hate

“ODNT Cast No Hate”: The stars of Old Dogs & New Tricks (left to right) David Pevsner, Leon Acord, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Curt Bonnem pose for Adam Bouska


“Wendy”: Leon Acord’s dust-up with Susan Olsen went viral, appeared in the tabloids, and was mentioned on the Wendy Williams Show, ABC & CBS news, and others.