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OLD DOGS & NEW TRICKS: COMPLETE SEASONS 1 & 2 Debuting on DVD November 26th?


?Delightfully sexy.? ? OUTSMART                                              ?Sharp and funny.? ? THE BACKLOT

?Delightfully sexy.? ? OUTSMART? ??????????????????????????????????????????? ?Sharp and funny.? ? THE BACKLOT

In a Place Called Boystown,

Do Gay Men Ever Grow Up? Or Do They Just Grow Old?



Created by Leon Acord and Starring Acord, Curt Bonnem,

Jeffrey Patrick Olson and David Pevsner as Four Middle-Aged Gay Friends in the Middle of Youth-Obsessed West Hollywood


All 15 Episodes from the First Two Seasons

Available for the First Time on DVD November 26th


Bonus Materials Include a Gag Reel and a Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

The DVD is available for pre-order at?


SAN JOSE, CALIF. (October 22, 2013) ? Does (sex) life end for gay men as they approach 50? That?s the question explored by the acclaimed web series OLD DOGS & NEW TRICKS: COMPLETE SEASONS 1 & 2, available for the first time on DVD November 26th from Wolfe Video. The series will also be available for streaming on the same day from WolfeOnDemand.com. The series follows the friendship and tribulations of four diverse and otherwise successful West Hollywood men — each one located squarely within middle age. Nathan Adler (Leon Acord, Some Prefer Cake) is a successful talent agent approaching his 50th birthday when the advances of an amorous 25-year-old underwear model knock him for a loop. Brad King (Curt Bonnem, Visible Scars) is a one-hit wonder from the late 1980s who has turned the on-line hook-up into an art form. Al ?Muscles? Carter (Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Detention) is a personal trainer with the body of a porn star and the mindset of a 16 year old girl, who won?t put out ?til he meets Mr. Right.? Last, but not least, there?s Ross Stein (David Pevsner), a former TV leading man in the 1990s now settled into a long-term gay marriage, but as his husband becomes more successful, Ross finds himself spending too much time alone. Guest stars include Gold Medal-winning Olympian Greg Louganis, Ian Buchanan (TV?s ?General Hospital,? ?Twin Peaks?), gay theatre legend Michael Kearns, Patrick Bristow (Showgirls), Thom Bierdz (TV?s ?The Young and the Restless?) and Terri Garber (TV?s ?North and South,? ??Dynasty?).


?? ?Pilot? – Nathan recalls how he first met Brad, Muscles & Ross as he begrudgingly prepares for his 50th birthday party.

?? ?It?s My Party…? – Gifts, cocktails and the boys? valiant efforts to cheer up Nathan on his 50th birthday have less-than-successful results; Brad regales the boys with stories of his sexual conquests of the past 24 hours.

?? ?…And I?ll Whine if I Want To? – Nathan?s party gets worse and worse; Muscles meets a potential Mr. Right; an encounter with an old one-night-stand has Nathan feeling his age; Ross? cheerful facade cracks.

?? ?Stuck in a Jam? – Living vicariously through his friends? adventures leaves Nathan feeling he has no life; Ross confesses his recent marital woes; Brad?s latest conquest bruises his self-esteem; Muscles has too much in common with his new boyfriend.

?? ?Strange Bedfellows? – Brad gets revenge on his latest hook-up; Ross receives some provocative marriage advice; Muscles tries to discuss his situation with Bobby; after a cryptic session with his shrink, Nathan has a mind-blowing encounter.


?? ?Topsy Turvy? – Ross? ultimatum to Neal backfires; Brad gives Muscles tips for tops; Nelson Van Eddy returns to torment the boys; Nathan spends a secret afternoon with Damian.

?? ?Bottom?s Up? – A young fan tests Ross? resolve; Brad?s doctor delivers some shocking news; Muscles makes a last-ditch effort to save his relationship with Bobby; an afternoon with Damian leaves Nathan feeling his age.

?? ?Noel Coward Time? ? The boys meet Muscles? boyfriend Bobby; Brad loses his heart to porn star Rod Rodriguez; Nathan comes clean about his secret affair; Ross and Neal have a bitter argument.

?? ?Mood Swings? – Ross surrenders to temptation; Brad has a rude awakening about his porn-star crush; following a heart-to-heart with Muscles, Nathan decides to end his affair–but Damian has other ideas.

?? ?Big Fat Gay Wedding? – As the gang gathers to celebrate the marriage of one of their own to notorious former circuit-boy Dirk Evans, the mood is anything but festive.

?? ?Bad Reception? – Lydia sings at Nelson & Dirk?s wedding reception while Nathan catches the eye of a photographer, Muscles is hit on by his favorite guru then makes a surprise declaration, Ross is overcome by romance, and Brad makes a splash.

?? ?Best Laid Plans? – Ross decides to find an Internet hook-up; Muscles and Bobby plan to spend the weekend together; Nathan makes a ?grown up? date with Damian before coming to blows with Nelson.

?? ?Date Night? – Nathan and Damian have their first date, with mixed results; Ross and Brad have an unexpected Internet encounter; Muscles is puzzled by Bobby?s sudden romantic indifference.

?? ?The Skinny Lady Sings? – Nathan seeks Lydia?s advice after her cabaret show, then encounters a man from Danian?s past; Brad decides on a serious life change; Ross tries something new to save his marriage; Muscles is frustrated with Bobby.

?? ?Last Gasps? – Muscles goes to great lengths to interest Bobby; Rod Rodriquez returns to test Brad?s new resolution; Ross and Neal come to a crossroads; Nathan breaks in a new shrink, then has an explosive confrontation with a drunken Damian.

OLD DOGS & NEW TRICKS: COMPLETE SEASONS 1 & 2 features all 15 episodes from the first two seasons with a runtime of approximately 109 minutes and is not rated.


DVD Catalog #: ?WOL5189D
DVD UPC Code: 754703764096
DVD ISBN:978-1-935423-86-7
DVD Pre-book Date: 10/29/2013
DVD Street Date: 11/26/13
DVD SRP: $19.95









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